Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wash Day Saga - A Tale of Two Washes

I am laughing at myself right now. How do I come up with some of my wash day post titles? Well, the title does say it all, I did two washes in a really short space. Here's what happened:

On Saturday I was feeling lazy (again). So I did my hot oil treatment/prepoo with coconut oil as usual, and then put my DC (Tresemme Naturals + ORS Replenishing conditioner) on top, and covered everything up for about 5 hours. I rinsed out with cold water, t-shirt dried and then applied my leave in (Twisted sista curl activator cream). I sealed with my heat protectant (ORS heat protection serum) and set my hair with my flexi-rods. I blow dried my hair, and went to bed hoping for the best....

The next morning, as I was getting ready for Mass, I realized my hair STILL hadn't dried. So I ended up taking out the rods, and having yet another failed set. Later on in the day, my hair felt dry, crunchy and all sorts of horrible. I guess I celebrated an easy transition too early. I decided that I was going to re-wash my hair, so I did some twists in my hair in preparation for take 2.

I evaluated my wash day to see where I went wrong, and what I could do to correct the dryness. The only different product I used this wash day was the leave in. I checked the ingredients, and saw it had glycerin. I guess my hair doesn't like glycerin anymore. I also blow dried, which means maybe I need to lay off the heat now.

Since Monday was a holiday (Happy Africa Day to you!!!), I had a chance to do over my wash day without being in a rush. This time I shampooed with Infusium 23 sulfate free shampoo (to help clear up any dirt/buildup). Then I instant conditioned with a mix of Tresemme Naturals and African Pride Olive Oil Conditioner. My hair felt better immediately. I t-shirt dried for an hour and then airdried in the twists for another hour. I stretched my hair fully using African threading (after taking out the twists).

This wash day has made me realise I have to be careful with the ingredients in my products now. My hair no longer likes some of the old stuff so I have to adapt or experience more breakage.

Don't forget to join in the washday experience, and learn new techniques from the other participants.

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Have a great week!!!

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