Friday, 20 June 2014

Hair Journey Advice - What Works and What Didn't Work

So when you start a hair journey, you get bombarded with all this information online about what you should and shouldn't do. There are so many rules that people say must be followed to the letter if you want to see any progress with your hair. Well, some of them worked, some of them were blah and some didn't work at all for me. This post will hopefully help anyone else starting a hair journey to experiment, and always take what bloggers say with a pinch of salt, since what works for one person obviously doesn't work for someone else.

What Worked
1. Texlaxing - When I was still relaxing, I retained so much length from texlaxing compared to when I relaxed bone straight. It kept my hair much stronger, and having textured hair looked way better than limp, lifeless bone straight hair.

2. Wide tooth combs - A total lifesaver. They can get through my thick hair with out any issues, and I don't experience as much breakage as I used to. I now need a seamless comb and I'm sure my breakage will be so minimal

3. Deep conditioning frequently - When I deep conditioned twice a week, my hair grew like a weed. And I retained a lot of length. Right now, I retain most of my length thanks to doing a DC once a week. When we get into summer, I will get back to deep conditioning twice a week, just to boost my growth rate, and retain my length.

4. Stretching my relaxers - I have always been a stretcher, but stretching my relaxers for longer (16+ weeks) helped me to retain more length. Simply by avoiding overlapping relaxers, I avoided unnecessary breakage.

5. Wigs as a protective style - This is the best PS I have done so far. My hair is in box braids under so I don't manipulate my hair too much. But I can take off the wigs and wash my hair and moisturize and seal. Its a protective style that help me still keep up with  my hair care, which is a win.

6. Using oils on my hair - I have used coconut oil as a prepoo, castor oil as a sealant and some oil mixes as sealants and one word for all of them... AWESOME!!! I don't have as many split ends, my hair stays moisturised for longer, and it just feels soft. Oils are the best thing to ever happen to my hair.

What was Meh

1. Tea rinses - They did reduce the shedding, and conditioned my hair a bit, but they were too much of a fuss, and when I stopped doing them, my hair had a massive shed. They are not bad, but not something I will include in my weekly regimen.

2. Inversions - I do get a tiny growth boost (the June series I got almost a centimetre). But as I said too much effort and just remembering to do them is too much. I end up not doing the full week of inversions after some time.

3. Co-washing -  My hair cannot survive on co-washing alone. I can co-wash maybe once, but the next week, I would have to shampoo. Its a good way to reintroduce moisture for me, but as a wash day thing every week? No, my hair and scalp will go on strike.

What Failed

1. No sulfates/silicones - My scalp needs sulfates and my hair needs silicones. The sulfates clean my scalp well, and reduce my itchies, while the silicones help in giving slip so I can detangle my mane. Not having either of these makes my life miserable. However, I am going to try the Dudu Osun black soap and see if it works as a replacement for sulfates.

2. Strictly finger detangling - I am giving it a go again, but the last time I tried this I ended up having hair that was forming dreadlocks at the root.I just have to follow up with a wide tooth comb. But like I said, I'm giving it a go again in my transition. Who knows, I might end up exclusively finger detangling.

3. No mineral oil - I like mineral oil in a detangling (prepoo) conditioner, it adds slip. And since I do use sulfates more frequently, I am not affected by build up. The slip is what makes me keep my detangling easier.

So remember, a hair jourmey is exactly that, a journey. You have to find things that work for you to make your journey more enjoyable. Don't just do some things or stick to what isn't working because it worked for someone else. Your hair may want something totally differnt. And that's the beauty of being on a hair journey, learning what works best for you, your hair and your schedule.

Peace and love,



  1. I love this post. I had a similar experience weeding out what wasn't working despite rave reviews. You're very right, nothing is absolute. It's all about what works best for your own hair

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