Thursday, 12 June 2014


I really have been embarrassed to post this online, but I decided what the heck, maybe my experience might help someone. Also, it will remind me to take action the next time this happens. As most ladies on a HHJ say, every setback is a setup for a comeback, and I will definitely do that.

So here's my last length check pic (31 March 2014):

Current Length

I was pretty happy being on line 5, it meant that I was on track for BSB (line 6) by June right? Sadly, I started slacking on my hair routine.

I didn't protective style enough, I had massive breakage because I didn't do a protein treatment for a while, and I had major shedding as well. Which meant I retained zero length in the past two months coz on my last length check (5 June 2014) my hair was here:

Yep still on line 5. Whatever length I gained in the past 2 months was not retained at all. I am really mad at myself for letting this happen. I should know better by now. The only consolation I can give myself is that my ends on line 5 are thicker than they were at the end of March. Most likely because I only have texlaxed hair and NG there. But it still sucks. I might not reach my revised goal of grazing MBL by the end of the year after all.

But I am now on it like white on rice again. No more slacking. I am back under my wigs, and I am now not going to leave my hair loose for 2 weeks at a time. I am quitting using my combs, I want to try exclusively finger detangling in the meantime. I am moisturising and sealing more, and doing my inversions. I also want to get a hair, skin and nails vitamin supplement to just boost my nutrient levels. I am also getting onto that nail rubbing thing, anything to just get my growth rate up and running. To retain, I am boosting my DC sessions. And I will look for a way to add more heat when I DC.

BSB and BSL I am still coming for you this year...


  1. Awwww am so sorry dear but no worries this set back seems to have motivated you to soldier on so BSL by Dec 14 here we come Happy, healthy hair journey and no slacking no no no......

  2. Sorry to hear about your setback. At least you have a plan to address the issues. Good luck

  3. So sorry about your setback, they can really be disheartening. I'm sure sticking to your plan this time will have you at your goal and beyond before you know it

  4. I know exactly how you feel. But not to worry, things will get better and you will start retaining length and continued thickness. :)

  5. I need that shirt.