Monday, 9 June 2014

Wash Day - Back to Protective Styles

Yet another wash day has come and passed. I was tired of seeing my hair so I wanted to protective style for the rest of the month. I really wanted to get crochet braids done, but everything just went topsy turvy... Sigh. Anyway, here's how my wash day happened

PS: (I put in a few pics Sandra, as you requested)

1. Friday night: I finger detangled using African Pride Dream Kids Olive Detangling Conditioner (I never get the name of this conditioner right). The slip in this product is amazing, due to the mineral oil in it most likely. Anyway, it made my hair very easy to detangle and each section I detangled got braided into a box braid. I ended up with 7 box braids. I covered my hair with 3 shower caps and my woolly hat and went to bed.
Box braids after detangling with conditioner

So while I was detangling with my conditioner I saw my hair at the nape clump into curls. I never knew my hair could clump into curls, being hard Mashona hair (any Zimbabwean can relate to this hair type). I think not treating our hair right is what makes being natural a pain. I am definitely going through with this transition just to see what else my hair can do with proper care and love.

That's almost fully natural hair, I played with it and the curls fell apart but it clumps!!!

2. On Saturday morning I shampooed my hair using some conditioning shampoo my mum stole took from a hotel. It had SLS but it wasn't really stripping, almost like using an SLS free shampoo. I concentrated on my scalp and then cleansed my ends.

3. I deep conditioned using ORS Replenishing conditioner. I love this product, it smells great, has slip and makes my hair get extra moisturized. I let the conditioner sit for 3 hours under shower caps + woolly hat to let it all really get in.

4. I rinsed out the conditioner using warm water and t-shirt dried for 30 minutes

5. I applied my leave in (VO5 moisturizing conditioner) and sealed with Wild Growth Oil. I then blow dried lightly to stretch my new growth and texlaxed hair. Then I started braiding my pattern for the crochet braids.

6. I started to crochet the hair in using a bobby pin. Yup, I definitely had the wrong kind of hair for this. It was just too silky and the wrong texture for what I wanted to do. So I took them out and did box braids so I can start my wig regimen again.

So as of yesterday I am wigging it again until the end of the month. This might help me retain length better after the breakage fiasco...

Duck face selfie at church in my wig


  1. Good thing you switched it up after you saw it wasn't working, I always find it difficult to do when you have gone so far.
    I have been dreaming of a long term PS too...but the process of getting it installed kills me.
    Love the curls of your natural hair!

  2. Your curls are lovely!!! My nape is completely natural too. I can play in the curls for hours mindlessly! LOL

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands