Monday, 23 June 2014

Wash Day Saga - Clarifying in Box Braids

Another wash day has come and gone, and another wash day post is here. This wash day, I decided to focus on cleaning my scalp thoroughly and getting mineral build up off my hair, and I think everything worked out the way I planned.

This week in the #washdayexperience linkup, the theme is "Power of the Pre-poo" and I did a pre-poo to give my hair all the benefits of a pre-poo. I did a pre-poo to ensure that my hair won't get too stripped by my shampoo, and to prevent hygral fatigue.

1. I first heated up my coconut oil to do my hot oil treatment/pre-poo. I massaged the coconut oil onto my hair and into my scalp and let it sit for 3 hours.

2. I shampooed using ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo, I shampooed my scalp twice to get rid of all the build up before running the shampoo onto my ends at the end of the second shampoo application.

3. I wrapped my hair into a t-shirt to absorb the extra water while going through the rest of my shower routine. Then I applied my DC (ORS Hairepair Nourishing Conditioner pak). I let the conditioner sit for 4 hours under my shower cap and heat process cap.

4. I rinsed out the conditioner with warm water, and did a vinegar rinse after. Then I wrapped my hair in my Turbie Twist until bed time. I put my satin scarf on my pillow and slept with my braids spread out on it so they could fully air dry.

5. The next morning, I moisturized with VO5 Moisturizing Leave In conditioner and sealed with Hot 6 oil before wigging it to church. After church, I started redoing my box braids as well as getting all the shed hair out. I now have bigger and fewer box braids which will be easier to rebraid as time goes by.

So that was my wash day, simple, to the point but still effective. And my pre-poo didn't make my wash day more complicated. All, in all a good one.

Peace and love,

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  1. You've done well with handling your box braids with the prepoo.