Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Wash Day Saga - Lazy Wash Day

Hey everybody,

I have been suffering from writers' block lately. I don't want my blog to be just a stream of wash day posts only and I also want to keep posting here as well. So if you have any ideas for the blog, please put them in the suggestions and I will do my best to incorporate them.

So my last wash day was very simple. My mum recently moved back home and she had us cleaning the house the whole weekend so it can be up to her standards of cleanliness. I love that woman to bits but I do think she has a form of OCD or something. Anyway, since I didn't have tthe time to do a full blown wash day, I decided to focus on the most important bit for me which is the DC. I deep conditioned on dry hair with ORS Replenishing conditioner and since my hair is in box braids fr my wig regimen, the application of the DC was easy. I let it sit in my hair for quite a few hours before rinsing out with warm water. I didn't manage to get all the conditioner out of my braids, in fact it looked like it had congealed in the box braids together with the oil I had been using for sealing during the week. (eeeewwww!!!). But I decided to just let the conditioner be, since it was on my hair, not my scalp, and the hair would be covered in a wig anyway if I'm out in public.

I t-shirt dried as usual, applied my leave in and fully airdried and that was it for my wash day. Simple, quick and to the point.

I have been redoing a few of my box braids recently, and it seems like keeping my hair in a protective style and hidden has stopped both the breakage and shrinkage. I get bored with hiding my hair away like this, but I guess I will really have to do this until winter is over. I am thinking of getting box braids with extensions in July that I will keep in until the end of August to minimize manipulating my hair.

I also just made it to 7 months post!!!! I have been tempted here and there to get a tub of relaxer and texlax, but I am happy I have made it this far. 29 months left in my transition....

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Peace and love,

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  1. I've debated wigs and braids and haven't done either yet. I haven't had braids in my hair since I was in middle school, but I'm having a few put in the front half of my hair to decrease my need to style my hair on my upcoming trip to Jamaica. Hopefully I love the look as I'll be stuck with it for a while!