Thursday, 26 June 2014

Weird Hair Growth Strategies

If you are reading this post, its probably because you are like me; you are looking for ways to grow your own hair long and healthy. Now most people look for a ''quick fix''. In our Millenial culture, we focus more on instant gratification. And the hard work a healthy hair journey involves is not appealing to most. So here's my rundown on some of the weirder hair growth techniques out there. If I have ever tried it, I will mention. But try these at your own risk. I'm not sure if some of them are healthy and/or legal.

1. Cayenne pepper/chilli sauce/hot sauce - Yes, my fellow Zimbabwean ladies. That cheeky chilli your significant other or alcoholic friend has is rumored to help boost hair growth if you apply it to your scalp. Now before you rush off and finish all the chilli sauce and get in trouble with everyone else at home, let me tell you that this method does not have any significant evidence backing it up. Most scientists think that eating the chilli will benefit you more as capsaicin helps improve blood circulation in the body. But if you do try it out, let me now so I can spread the good news to everyone. Just make sure you don't get it into your eyes...

2. Yeast infection cream (AKA Monistat in the hair world) - This is actually a thing too. Using fungal cream to help with hair growth. On the blogs and forums, you can see ladies talking about using vaginal yeast infection cream as a growth booster. Well, this method has side effects, the use of the cream may cause headaches, so if you want to go for this be very careful and monitor your health. The reasons for the anti-fungal cream to work make sense, since fungal infections on the scalp can stunt your hair growth, so using the cream kills the fungus allowing your hair to grow freely. I personally wouldn't try this since there are other alternatives to clearing scalp fungal infections than using vaginal cream. If you do decide to use this cream, make sure you consult a health profesional and tell them exactly where you will use the cream so they can tell you whether its advisable or not.

3. Inversion method - This is a very popular method used by quite a number of ladies, myself included. It simply involves massaging your scalp with a warm oil before twisting yourself into a position like this

or in my case, lying on my bed with my head hanging over the edge for up to four minutes. This will be done every day for seven days and you will get your inch. There is plenty of evidence online of this method working, and even I can vouch for receiving a centimetre or 2 of growth in a week. However, this method is not recommended for pregnant women, or people suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure). And if your head starts aching while you are in an inverted position it is suggested that you immediately come out of that position although slowly. More information on the inversion method can be found here. Please read the entire post on the inversion method before attempting it.

I will be back with some more weird hair growth strategies.

Peace and love,


  1. I will never try the inversion method. Not for me:-)

  2. Inversion has worked for me, every two or so months I do it.. As for that cayenne pepper business, no thanks!

  3. Inversion has worked for me too at and will continue when am in the mood for it that monistat Tjoo mmmm....