Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Wash Day Saga

It never rains but just pours. First I broke my glasses during the weekend. I am currently typing blind at the moment because I do not have a spare pair and my optician appointment is today. So please bear with ne if you notice any typos. I can't edit this post at the moment. Also, I have a slight caseof the flu, so my eyes are streaming as I type this. Sigh.

Anyway, enough moaning from me, onto my wash day experience.

I started my wash day by doing a coconut oil prepoo. I hadn't prepooed with it in a while, and I had been seeing a number of splits, so I decidedto give my hair what it wanted. I prepooed for 3 hours under a showercap and a woollen hat. As I was prepooing, I also detangled annd did 8 box braids for my wash day.

NExt, I washed my hair using the Dudu Osun Black soap. I rinsedout the soap, and instant conditioned using the African Pride Dream Kids Olive Miracle Moisturizing Etangling Conditioner. I left the conditioner in for 5 minutes before rinsing out.

I t-shirt dried for30 minutes, before applying my leave in (VO5moisturizing leave in conditioner) and sealing wth African Royale Hot 6 Oil. I let my hair fully airdry in threading. I took down the threadson SUnday morning, and my hair was just too curly. I didn't even look like Ihad stretched it at all. But I decided to rock the curls and did a curly ponytail for church. But  Sunday was just too hot and my hair had dried out so I spryed my hair with some water, and baggied overnight. The next morning I had moisturized hair that I could work with.

That was my washday experience. Remember to join in the linkup with Jen and KLP :)

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  1. Sorry about your glasses and the flu. I hope you're feeling better.