Thursday, 14 August 2014

30 Days Without Split Ends Game Plan

I have been having an annoying number of split ends recently. I have been trimming them off, but this has to stop. I can't lose length to something this silly *fuming*.

So I was happy to see Jen come up with a 30 days without split ends challenge. It simply involves changing up your regimen in a few ways that will minimise (or eliminate split ends). So my changes are:

1. Protective styling 100% of the time. This means even when I'm at home at night, I have to braid up my hair and cover it with a satin scarf when I take it down from my ususal bun. No hair hanging loose anymore.

2. Use coconut oil to prepoo for at least 2 hours. Coconut oil prevents hygral fatigue, which for me equals less split ends. I have seen more splits when I haven't been using coconut oil as much, so back to my coconut oil.

3. Moisture, moisture, moisture... My hair just thrives better when I just let it hang out with water (and conditioner more). So I am going to start doing my DCs twice a week now as we head into summer to boost my retention. Oh and more protein to keep the balance.

4. No direct heat whatsoever. No negotiation on this point.

5. If I notice a split, I will resist the temptation to try break it off using my hand. I will use my scissors (used only for my hair) to cut off the split.

6. No combs. Combs break off my hair and leave splits because I don't have seamless ones. SO I will exclusively finger comb.

Well this is my game plan. What would you do to minimise split ends?

Peace and love,

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