Thursday, 7 August 2014

Hair Crush Thursday - Christine

I have been sitting on this post for way too long. I guess I was too selfish to share these lovely locks with you :). Anyway, this feature is finally back, and today Christine is in the spotlight. Let me now shut up and let her (and her hair) speak for themselves...

Hi tell us a bit about yourself (and your hair)? You can go back in time if you wish 
Hi everyone :) My name is Christine and I'm a post-grad student at UCT. My hair has been relaxed since I was about 5. My mum didn't know what else to do with my hair. Knowledge about black hair wasn't as widespread as it is now. Also, relaxers were the in-thing in the 90s. That said, I have ZERO memory of having natural hair, which makes my current transition to natural all the more challenging. I think I have type 4B/C hair... I'm basing this on my mother and sisters because I've never really seen my natural hair.

What inspired you to start taking better care of your hair?
I came across the black hair care world by accident. After a relaxer I wanted to keep my hair straight and a friend referred me to YouTube to learn how to wrap my hair at night. I found black women with extremely long hair and I wanted it too. I got completely obsessed and I haven't looked back since.

What’s your hair care routine/regimen?

My regimen is pretty simple because I'm in braids 90% of the time because of this transition. While in braids I wash my hair every week, apply coconut oil to my scalp and braid spray on the shaft of the braid. When I take them out, I deep condition, and air dry in twists. I only blow dry before I have another set of braids done.

What hair goals have you achieved since you started?

I never really set hair goals. The point of all this was just to get my hair healthy, and i managed to do that.

What are your goals for your hair now?

As mentioned above, i don't really set hair goals. Its too much pressure!! hahaha. I think for now maybe one would be a successful transition and big chop in December 2014.

What’s the one thing you wish you knew when you started taking better care of your hair?

Hair typing is helpful!! when i started I had really unrealistic expectations of my hair, and it was only last year when i actually started looking at more type 4 hair bloggers that i really began to understand or have a better idea of what my hair can and cannot do.

What are your favorite hair styles (everyday and special occasions)?

TWISTOUTS!!!! I love twistouts.. just undo the twists, pin up the side and you're good to go.

Who are your hair inspirations (online and real life)?

My mum. She has been doing all this hair care stuff since we were little. from deep conditioning, to cutting her ends regularly, all of that. Shes my inspiration for going natural. Lady has BIG HAIR, and she plays with colour a lot so the dimensions are absolutely beautiful.
Online would definitely be YouTuber, Jouelzy. Her channel really helped me get to grips with my hair type. I absolutely love her.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 5 hair care items (products and tools) would you want to have?

Coconut oil, my wide toothed comb, WATER, African pride moisturiser cream, aaaaaand Dora the explorer's backpack lol

Can you tell us one funny/weird hair related experience you have had?

I have thick hair and wore a twistout to a friends house party. Another friend of mine put her hand in my hair and i think she was looking for weave tracks.. when she couldn't find any, she exclaimed (in her thick coloured accent) " YOOHH its not a weave!!". It was absolutely hilarious.

Where can we find you online?

you can find me on twitter @masibandah and instagram @masibandah as well.

Thank you so much Christine for being a feature here. Your hair is absolutely amazing :). And I read that weave tracks story in a Trevor Noah voice. When you big chop can I have the relaxed ends for weave tracks???  :"")

So if you're interested in also being featured just email me on and I will be in touch with the questions.

Have a great day...


  1. Lovely feature, her hair is so thick! She's one of the lucky few who had mothers who know about healthy hair care via deep conditioning, trimming splits etc. Nice one Yvette!

  2. Can you caption the photos so I can see the progression over time. I can say i love this hair too!!

    As for people sticking their whole hand in your hair -tsek! most upsetting behaviour (yes I have issues to work out lol)