Friday, 15 August 2014

Transitioning Update - 40 Weeks post aka almost 9 months post relaxer

Hiya everyone,

Today is all sunny, I'm feeling happy and my hair co-operated with me this morning. Yup, it's a good day for me today. I haven't done a transition update in a while, so here's one on what's been happening with my hair as I continue to grow out my relaxer.

Well if you remember my post in June, I had a setback with breakage. I had slacked on my protective styling game, and wasn't too attentive on my moisture/protein balance, and I had a lot of breakage at my nape. I basically didn't retain any length at all since my length check in March and my length check in June. If I hadn't had this setback, I would have claimed BSB much sooner (I am claiming grazing BSB now, since my lead hairs are way beyond the bottom of my shoulder blade), and could have been grazing BSL earlier than my projected date. Anyway, them's the breaks and mistakes happen.

And then, remember when I was 6 months post, and I thought transitioning would be a breeze? Yeah, I have a fond memory of the days when I was very naive about how stubborn my hair can be. When I hit the dreaded ''awkward'' month 8 of transitioning, my hair went crazy on me. It refused to be bunned, it fought against gel, it didn't want to stay moisturised. Honestly, I had several relaxer fantasies, and even posted on LHC and Hairlista about how I was thinking of just relaxing again. Well, at least I didn't give in to the urge right away, and it seems like my hair is settling down. Or I am getting used to dealing with the new growth now, and I got this.

I just realised my hair hates most humectants right now. It gets dry and crunchy when I just look at glycerin, and it went weird when I used honey in my DC on Wednesday. So, I am avoiding most humectants at the moment, since my hair isn't happy when they are in.

I have one side of hair that's just about completely curly now. I chopped off the rest of the relaxed strands that were left after my breakage, and its actually a decent length left. I I BC'ed today, I would have about neck length hair. But of course with shrinkage, it will be a TWA, so I am definitely not BC'ing anytime soon, because I want to have enough length to bun before I go completely natural.

And speaking of shrinkage, my gosh, that's the most annoying thing right now. If my hair is just stretched out by bunning or braids, my shrinkage is at shoulder length. If I really stretch it out fully, I'm at BSB. I am going to be a high shrinkage natural that's for sure.

I'm loving my different curl patterns. My edges are 4a, my nape is 4b/c and my crown is a mix of 4a/b and a few 3c strands. Its crazy up in my head right now with all these curl patterns. And I finally get to see most of them after abandoning my comb. Combs (even wide tooth ones) are not that curl friendly that's for sure in my experience.

Well, that's what's been happening with my transition up until month 9(ish). I am waiting impatiently for November so I can get to 1 year post.

Peace and love,



  1. I have heard that people put conditioner on their ends then baggy the ends. Granted their hair is longer but its worth looking into

  2. We'll both be 1 year in come November :) we're transitioning mates.
    You're right about the comb. I'm beginning to consider abandoning my wide toothed comb altogether and it's daunting.

    1. it's worth it!!! I have had less breakage since abandoning my comb, and I think I am back on track to retain now. Join me on the dark side, :).

  3. Congratulations on hitting 40 weeks post! I love how you're learning what it likes at each stage. Can't wait to see your curls once you decide to cut. Will it be a more long term transition like 1 year plus?