Thursday, 4 September 2014

Beer Rinses 101

I did a beer rinse during my last wash day, and a number of people were asking me the benfits of a beer rinse. So, it became an idea for a complete post in itself.

I first heard about beer rinses on the Long Hair Community. Quite a number of ladies with hair that my hair looks up to said they did beer rinses, and I decided to do one just as my something new for the uncharted territories wash day.

But what are the actual benefits of a beer rinse? Well, I went back to LHC to see what the ladies said. Well, one lady said that beer rinses are a good way to get hydrolyzed proteins to your hair. So its a natural, edible (sort of) protein treatment. Which makes sense since I had very minimal shedding this week after the beer rinse. Must be because I got a lot of protein to my hair in a form that was easily absorbed by my hair :)

Beer also contains a lot of the B complex vitamins. As we all know, the vitamin B group does wonders for our hair when ingested. And some of the vitamin B complex vitamins like Panthenol and Biotin are sometimes added to conditioners to help add shine, and make hair look healthier. So, I guess a beer rinse is just a conditioner with a lot of B complex vitamins to just get your hair looking its absolute best.

Beer is also great in giving volume and holding curls. So if your hair is feeling flat and lifeless, apparently spraying a little beer onto it will give it life. (it will also make you very popular with your beer loving friends since you will smell like a bar too, lol.) And beer is also great as a setting product. Apparently, the alcohol in it seals the hair cuticle (like ACV or a citric acid rinse). I am not too sure about the science behind it, but this all helps hold curls really well. So, its a great styling product too.

Beer is also said to thicken your hair. I am not too sure about this, since I already have thick hair, but apparently the beer swells the shaft of fine hair, making it seem thicker. But some also reason that the hydrolyzed protein also gets attached to the hair shaft thickening hair. I will have to do several more beer rinses to see if this is true :)

Beer is also great for the scalp too. Another article I read said that it helps alleviate dry scalp. Beer penetrates the scalp, and nourishes the skin. It also boosts circulation. Well, this is definitely new information to me, but apparently beer is quite beneficial to the skin

So how do you do a beer rinse? Most people say a flat beer is good, though I used a freshly opened one (because beer isn't ever left long enough to go flat at my house). The most simple way is to pour the beer over your hair after you shampoo and condition, let the beer sit for some time and then rinse out with cool water. I did my rinse as the last part of my wash, like a final ACV rinse if you will. There are several recipes online on how to use beer for your hair. And remember not to do it too often. Most suggest doing a beer rinse once a month, as the effect of the rinse can last for several weeks even with frequent washing.

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