Friday, 26 September 2014

Product Review - African Royale Hot 6 Oil

I just finished this product and I wanted to review it while it was still fresh in my mind.

Product: African Royale Hot Six Oil

Price: $15 (not too sure now) at Jeenz, Travel Plaza, Harare

African Royale Hot Six Oil

IngredientsOlive Oil, Canola Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Safflower Oil, Castor Oil, Sesame Oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Cyclomethicone, Sheep Sorrell, Yarrow, Slippery Elm Bark, Sage, Henna, Comfrey, Burdock Root, Ginseng, Goldenseal, Cherry Bark, Black Walnut, Chamomile, Alfalfa, Hyssop, Wheat Germ, Fragrance

PromisesAfrican Royale Hot Six Oil is six Oils In One: Hot Oil, Hair Oil, Body Oil, Scalp Oil, Bath Oil, Nail Oil. Hot Six Oil is made from only all natural plant herbs and oils with no animal fat or animal oils.

Made from only all natural plant herbs and oils with no animal fat or animal oils.The special light formula goes in hair, skin, scalp, and nail cuticles easily and without a heavy oil buildup. Leaves your hair light and well conditioned.
My Take: I bought this product when I ran out of my beloved Wild Growth Oil, and the store had run out too :(. So I decided to experiment with it, having seen good reviews online as well as a recommendation by a friend. I had forgotten that my hair is not a fan of olive oil, and the first ingredient was olive oil.

The first time I used the product, I used it as a sealant after my wash day. My hair felt really weird and crunchy after using it. I just thought maybe it was my conditioning process that wasn't up to par, or I needed clarifying, and kept using it. When I realized that things were not improving, I stopped using it for a while and went back to castor oil. My hair came back to life, it felt really soft and moisturised. 

After this, I was mainly using the oil as a skin oil (since its one of the uses on the bottle). And it worked beautifully as a skin oil. It had a really light, floral scent and got absorbed easily. I also had fewer acne breakouts on my body while I was using it. 

I also used the oil for scalp massages when I did the inversion method. I just added some eucalyptus oil for a bit of oomph, and it worked well. No build up since its a light oil. The last use I got out of the bottle was when I did an oil rinse on my last wash day. There wasn't too much left, so I mixed it with coconut oil. But my hair turned out really soft, easy to detangle, and not too frizzy.

The bottle design wasn't as convenient as the Wild Growth Oil one as it was easy to dispense too much oil. I actually ended up just putting the Hot 6 oil in the Wild Growth Oil bottle and that made it easier to use. The oil is a nice, golden colour, and the smell is really light and not too noticeable. The oil is pretty thin, so you have to be careful when pouring it out of the original bottle.

Since my hair didn't like the oil (it prefers heavy oils and butters) but it worked well for my skin, I will give it 3 out of 5 thumbs up. However, I would recommend the oil to anyone who loves light oils. I will not repurchase this product since I do not feel that it's benefits to my skin are worth the amount I would have to spend again.

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  1. Interesting! I never knew alfafa was good for hair as well.