Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Relaxer Day Musings

Lol, not my relaxer day. My grandma's caregiver wanted to self relax. When I asked her if she had ever done it before, she looked blankly at me. So I decided to spread the healthy hair gospel and do her relaxer for her.

Luckily she had a relaxer kit I was very familiar with from my relaxer days. She was using the Dark and Lovely Shea Butter Regular No Lye relaxer. But the problem was she had gotten it from her aunt, who had used most of the good stuff (like the pre-relaxer treatment and the leave in) and had left very little relaxer. And she didn't have Vaseline (of all products) so I couldn't manage to base her scalp properly or the previously relaxed ends.

The good part was she had a clear 2 inches of new growth, which made it easier not to overlap the relaxer. I decided that a texlax would be better for her, since her bone straight ends had been breaking off and her edges looked very fragile after 2 sets of back to back braids left in for 3 months at a time.

I first applied the relaxer to the front quadrants, before applying it to the back of the head. Just as well, since her nape looked extra fragile and wouldn't have withstood the relaxer. I was pretty quick with the application (about 7 minutes) and I smoothed the hair for another 5 minutes. As I smoothed her hair, I gave her a few hair care tips (not to comb using a small tooth comb, and to use water as a moisturizer). I rinsed of the relaxer thoroughly using cold water, and then applied the neutralizer. At least her aunt hadn't used much (if any of the neutralizing shampoo) so I could be sure of cleansing her hair properly. I also used the DC in the box kit and detangled er hair properly with the DC still in her hair. One thing I have to say about SoftSheen Carson, their DCs have a lot of slip.

After rinsing out the DC, we airdried her hair (its nice and sunny here). End results, texlaxed hair, no breakage or melting of hair, no chemical burns. I count this as a successful hair consult :)

Sorry no pictures since my phone was on the charger and I was way to busy trying to avoid burning her scalp

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  1. You had my heart skip a beat with that title!

    So how did her aunt get the relaxer out of her hair?