Friday, 12 September 2014

Split ends, split ends, split ends everywhere

I am kinda depressed. Just when I thought everything was going on well with my hair, I discovered a lot of split ends in the 4B/C region of my head (aka the nape). I found the normal split ends and some mid-shaft split ends too. I was pissed at myself I'm telling you. The only thing that could have caused this kind of damage was the heat I used in August when I flat ironed my hair.

I know the hair at my nape is pretty fragile. That's the area that prompted my BC in May 2012 after my brief affair with colour when I had massive breakage. I was left with practically no hair at the back of my head, and neck length hair everywhere else. Sigh, and I am also back to that again. OK, not quite coz I caught it early and I still have a respectable amount of hair in that area.

So what's my action plan to stop this setback while its still in its early stages? What I'm thinking is:

1. Definitely no more heat. That area cannot take it, so I am going to apply the rule to the rest of the head. No more heat at all. Only going to use no heat methods to straighten my hair.

2. Up the protein treatments. I think I will do more protein treatments especially in the nape area. I will use my light protein conditioners weekly, and use the heavier protein conditioners on a more frequent basis (once every fortnight)

3. Dust nape more frequently. To get rid of all the damage, I need a trim of about an inch in this area (judging from how deep the mid shaft splits were). And I will have to dust more frequently in this area. I probably should get a new pair of hair shears while I'm at it too.

4. Long term protective style. I think I will need to do a PS that will last for at least a month. I really need to get a move on on getting my crotchet braids done soon.

5. Moisturise and seal regularly. I think I will start doing M&S sessions on a set basis now, instead of just when I fell I need a moisture boost. This will stop dryness in the problem area way earlier and prevent damage.

I guess BSL this year might not happen. Sigh. And I really had hopes that I would get there. But health before length always, and right now, I prefer having healthy hair than unhealthy long hair that can break off when someone looks at it. I may end up even bringing forward my BC date instead of continuing with a long term transition. Anyway, that's it from me.

Have a great weekend

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