Monday, 15 September 2014

Wash Day Saga - 2 Washes with Different Results

Hiya everybody,

After feeling miserable for most of last week (tummy upset) this weekend I was supercharged with energy and got a lot done. I even squeezed in 2 washes in the space of 2 days. A bit excessive I know, but I had my reasons. Here is my wash day experience linkup post...

1. So I had about 30 twists in my hair on Friday evening since I was wearing my wigs last week. I first did a mini trim of about an inch (more or less) on each twist. In my last post I had talked about the split ends in my nape. So this was my method of dealing with them.

2. After my trim, I took down my twists. After undoing about 5 twists, I used coconut oil to fully finger detangle and then braided up the section. The coconut oil was also my prepoo :)

3. On Saturday morning, I shampooed my hair using the Dark and Lovely After Relaxing Neutralizing Shampoo. I used it because:
 a. I really want to finish off this product, and
b. its a great clarifier/chelating shampoo.
I used it mainly on my scalp, but I also used some of it on my hair to lift whatever build up that was there. My scalp was squeaky clean, but my hair wasn't stripped #winning

4. I did a protein DC with ORS Hair Mayo. I left the DC in for 2 hours while I took a nap.

5. Since spring has sprung here (its a beautiful 26'C average temperature), I did a cold rinse of the DC and massaged my scalp in order to lift any DC that may have gone onto my scalp.

6. I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt for 20 minutes to absorb the excess water.

This week's theme for the washday linkup is "Smooth Sailing'' so I had to get my hair as straight as possible (with no heat of course). So after t-shirt drying I applied my leave in (Shea Miracle leave in) and sealed with castor oil, before threading my hair. I ended up with 4 threaded sections and left them in to completely air dry overnight.

7. On Sunday morning I took down the threads, and finger combed my hair. I decided a low bun would give me the best possible results for smooth hair. I finger combed my hair back and used a scrunchie to bun. Then I applied some diluted Ecostyler gel to the hair at the front and smoothed it down before using Jen's scarf method.

Results, smooth sleek hair. So sleek I almost looked bald from the front :"D

8. But thanks to the gel, I wasn't loving the way my hair felt. So stiff, and dead. So I decided to do a quick co-wash on Sunday night to remove the gel. I co-washed using African Pride Dream Kidz Moisturizing Conditioner, and t-shirt dried for about 5 minutes. I wanted to try modifying bits of the maximum hydration method so I worked with the styling bit of the regimen.

After blotting the excess moisture (my hair was still 80% wet) I applied my leave in (Shea Miracle) and sealed with coconut oil. After that, I used a tiny bit of Ecostyler gel on top, and braided my hair back up into six sections. I let my hair airdry for most of the evening. This morning, I undid my hair (it was still damp) and did another low bun that isn't as sleek as the Sunday one, but prettier to me. Its so curly and natural :), and my hair feels soft and fluffy. All in all, I had an awesome washday.

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  1. *Fist Pump* for smooth hair! Girl your edges are sooo sleek! If only my hair would behave like that! I'm loving the pictures!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayepxerience!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands