Monday, 29 September 2014

Wash Day Saga - Same Old Story

I really haven't been feeling inspired to pamper my hair lately. I think this means I should do a protective style soon. Anyway, this is how my wash day this week went..

1. Overnight DC with a mix of ORS Replenishing conditioner and ORS Hairepair. My product stash is getting really low now. I also sectioned my hair and did 6 box braids for the wash day.

2. I rinsed out the conditioner in the morning, and washed my scalp with Dudu Osun black soap. Some of my hair felt weirdly coated and waxy, so I washed my hair twice with the soap too. Rinsed, and wrapped my hair in a t-shirt.

3. While my hair was still wet, I quickly finger detangled two sections at a time, applied my leave in, sealed with coconut oil, and African threaded the section. I ended up with 3 sections of African threading.

4. I fully airdried overnight, and took down the threads on Sunday morning. My hair was all curly, so I wore a curly ponytail with a side bang for church. Sorry, no pictures, I did say I was feeling uninspired this week.

5. In the evening I did for cornrows for bed. This morning I did a bun using a banana clip for work.

Yeah, I am definitely not feeling my hair at the moment. If it wasn't for the fact that a lot of people would kill me, I would be off to the barber at lunch time today for a nice short cut. Anyway, hopefully this weekend I will do a protective style and forget about my hair for a while...

How was your washday?


  1. Are you a fan of overnight conditioning? I totally love it. What kinda protective style are you thinking?

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  2. Sorry about that dear. Very good thinking deciding to put in a protective style before you get in a rut. It sounds like it's going well for your hair regardless

  3. I have not tried the overnight deep conditioning yet. I am sure it works wonders.

  4. When I tried overnight deep conditioning my scalp was itching like the dickens so I haven't done it again. Have you experienced that issue?

  5. I love over night deep conditioning, especially on days that I know I will have enough time in the morning to rinse it out and dry my hair using the tension method. :)

  6. I agree time to put the hair away before your cut it and colour it blonde. I actually realised that with me its just boredom and when I'm bored I start having dreams about Chrissette Michele hair.

    thats why all my wigs are short so i can live that life.