Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Winter Challenge End

My winter challenge ended on the 31st of August 2014. Here's how I did with my very ambitious rules

1. Anything done to the hair shall be journaled in the Hair Journey app This was pretty much on track until I got lazy sometime in June. No excuses for it. However, I did blog about what I did
2. No direct heat use at all for that period (not even for my birthday) I ended up using direct heat once in August. I didn't completely straighten my hair though, I need a better flat iron for that
3. Only one texlax to be done during that period (17th May 2014) Didn't happen at all since I officially decided to transition during this period. 
4. Length check shall be done at the start of the challenge and at the end using the length check tee I haven't done the end of challenge length check yet. But I will update once I find someone to snap the pic for me
5. Protective styles 95% of the time. Hair will only be worn out during weekends. An exception will be made for my birthday only. Hair was in wigs or buns for most of this time. I rarely wore my hair loose since it now annoys me. 
6. I will DC with heat at least once a week. I had hoped to own a deep conditioning cap during this period but I failed to do that. But I tried to DC for at least an hour each week
7. I will do scalp massages with Wild Growth Oil 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) This didn't happen at all.
8. M&S sessions will be done as needed. Only castor oil will be used for sealing I switched oils to the Hot 6 oil at one point and wild growth oil at another. It was ok since none of the oils would solidify with the cold. 
9. The challenge will start with a light dusting, to ensure ends are in their healthiest state I had trimmed half an inch at the start, and I trimmed another inch during the challenge when I had my breakage setback
10. Protein treatments to be done when necessary I did them at least once a month, but sometimes I used a light protein to DC
11. Inversion method will be done during this period, however with no before or after length checks I did start, but I consistently failed to complete the full week of inversions
12. No jumping onto bandwagons during this period Success. Being broke definitely helps too :)
13. Raise daily water intake to 2 litres Fail. I do not drink much water when its cold.
14. Eat at least 4 servings of fruit and vegetables daily Well, I ate at least 2, which wasn't too bad
15. No alcohol during this period. (A free pass may be extended for the birthday only). Yeah right. I did go on a few benders during this period. Oh well, its only alcohol.
16. One blog post shall be done after 2 weeks, to record challenge progress. Fail, I think I only did 2 updates

Well the winter challenge was not much of a success for me. Maybe because I was too ambitious and gave myself too many rules that I ultimately broke. I did manage to retain some length, but not as much as I hoped to. If things had worked out, I was to have been BSL by now. Instead I'm just at BSB. Anyway, when I do my next challenge, I will have to remember to keep it simple, so that I can focus on the necessary bits.


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