Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Wash Day Saga - Naptural85's 25 minute Detangle + Cowash Method

Wash day this week was a bit better than last week's. I shook off the mood that made me not enjoy doing my hair and I was back in business :)

Since I am sneaking up to 11 months post relaxer (I'm shocked as well), I have a lot more natural hair than relaxed hair, especially with the mini chops I have been doing this year. I think I have chopped off more than 4 inches now, but I digress. Like I was saying before, since I have more natural hair than relaxed hair, I decided to work with natural hair techniques this wash day, and test them out for future use.

I wanted a quick, easy wash day with very little fuss, so I decided to try Naptural85's co-wash routine that should take 25 minutes max. Here's what Happened.

1. I split my hair into two sections, and clipped one section up with a claw clip. Then I finger detangled the section, added coconut oil and continued finger detangling. After that, I added my conditioner (African Pride Dream Kids Detangling, Moisturising Conditioner) and continued finger detangling. After I got all the shed hair out, I clipped up that section. I then repeated all the steps on the other section.

2. This was the painful part. It was raining and we had no hot water. But I had to rinse out the conditioner and cowash. I took down one section, applied the conditioner to my scalp, and massaged to lift the dirt before rinsing under the cold shower :(. I clipped up that section, and did the same to the other section.

3. I t-shirt dried my hair while it was in the 2 sections. When it was just damp, I applied my leave in and sealed with coconut oil before doing African threading to airdry my hair.

4. The next morning, I took down the threading and bunned for church. All in all, an easy laid back wash day

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