Monday, 17 November 2014

Wash Day Saga - 2 Washes.

I hope you all had a great weekend, I definitely enjoyed mine.

I had to do a quick wash day, since I had plans for the rest of my day, and I also needed to clarify my hair and do a protein treatment (of sorts). Here's what happened...

1. Overnight prepoo using coconut oil

2. Shampooed (using cold water) with Dark and Lovely After Relaxer Neutralizing shampoo. I also finished this product which means my stash is finally shrinking.

3. I did a 30 minute DC using ORS Hair Mayo, and rinsed off, first with warm water, and finally with cold water. I didnt bother to do a moisture DC since my hair seems to treat ORS Hair Mayo as a light protein.

4. I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt and finished off my shower routine.When my hair was damp, I applied my leave in ORS Curls Unleashed Curl Creme and sealed with coconut oil. I damp bunned since it was the quickest way to stretch my hair, as I had to go swimming with my friends.

5. Before swimming I had applied a lot of conditioner to my hair hoping that it wont get too affected by the chlorine. After a lot of splashing and screaming, I co-washed my hair and damp bunned it again since we were going to a party. Unfortunately, my hair shrunk a lot, and got really dry because I hadn't sealed my hair. So on Sunday, my hair was a shrunken, dry feeling jungle. I ended up finger detangling section by section and doing African threading to stretch the hair again. My hair feels better now, but I need to do intense GHE sessions to get my moisture levels on point again

I am finally one year post. Transitioning update post coming soon :)

That was my washday experience. How was your wash day?


  1. Swimming can be such a hair disaster... my best measure is to put in a regular conditioner and then seal heavily with shea butter, then cowash after. Works like a charm.

    1. I will definitely try this next time. Thanks for the tip :)

  2. My wash day was wonderful. One year post is a big success.

  3. ONE YEAR POST!!!! Congrats chica! When I swim---I add a ton of Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and coconut oil to my hair then bun. After swimming, I let my hair dry a bit, detangle, shampoo, deep condition and carry on. I hope that you had fun!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience chica!

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  4. Congrats on 1 year post! It's a big achievement.