Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 Hits and Misses

So KLP inspired me to do this post. I had one last post scheduled for y'all this year, but I decided to go with it and post my list of hair hits and misses for 2014. Here goes:


1. Simpler, quicker wash days - I had been cutting down on the steps I was taking each wash day, and it made wash days less stressful both to my hair and myself. 2015 will be all about KISS

2. African black soap as a shampoo bar - African black soap is an absolute miracle. Sulfate free, not too stripping for me, and still cleans my scalp thoroughly. Its a definite keeper for the product stash.

3. Deciding to transition - my biggest hair decision of 2014 was my decision to turn my marathon stretch into a transition. And it has been worth it. I am getting to know my hair so intimately and its such a blast. I am 13 months post now, and looking forward to being fully natural in 2016.

4. Wigs - Wigs were a life saver for those weeks when I felt too lazy to do anything to my hair, especially in winter, while still giving me easy access to my hair and scalp. I will definitely invest in a human hair wig in 2015, and maybe a few u-part wigs too.

5. ORS Hairepair Nourishing conditioner and Wild Growth Oil - My two BSS finds of the year. My hair absolutely loves them, as you saw in the reviews. I hope Jeenz soon stocks up om the Wild Growth Oil as I need several bottles like yesterday :p

6. Finger detangling - This has been the one technique that really saved my bacon in 2014. I had very little breakage from finger detangling. 2015 will be a finger detangling only year to see how well it really works.

7. GHE - the Green House Effect was a great way for me this spring/summer to boost my moisture levels mid week.


1. Heat - I only flat ironed twice in 2014, and the second time I flat ironed I had a severe case of split ends. I ended up swearing off heat for the rest of my transition and cut off up to 2'' of hair, leaving the back fully natural, and very little relaxed hair in the front. (Read about the splits and the cut here)

2. I had a nice little setback because I slacked slightly on my hair regimen. In the actively growing out phase, its never a good idea to totally slack on your regimen. Lesson learnt for the future.

3. Being too scissors happy in 2014. I became a wee bit obsessed with the scissors this year and cut off a lot (and I mean a lot) of hair. I think I ended up trimming of 4-6'' of hair this year. Yes, I trimmed off a whole year's growth :(. So I haven't really retained much length this year, although on the plus side, my ends are extremely healthy. They are so healthy they could do a marathon and not break a sweat (lame, I know, I know).

4. Humectants - my hair decided to call it quits with any product that has a humectant (honey, glycerin) in the top 7 ingredients. I have accepted this and now stick to butters and oils.

The #WashDayExperience

So what are your keepers for 2014, and what will you lose that didn't work? Join the linkup!!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!

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