Friday, 16 October 2015

Hair and Life Update

Before I disappear yet again from the Web, I have to give you a brief life and hair update.

First with life: I moved with my job and I am now working on the Zimbabwean-South African border. The heat here is pretty intense and work is also pretty hectic. That is why I will be disappearing from the Web for some time.

Hairwise, I trimmed my hair. I know 2015 was supposed to be a no trim year, but what with the short strand breakage I was experiencing, I had to take out the split ends. I actually didn't need to trim off much, I trimmed off half a centimetre in most areas, and a centimetre in the area with the most damage. My ends are now less tangly, and the short strand breakage seems to have stopped.

I am also trying to figure out a moisture intensive regimen. .My hair has been feeling really dry, and I need to get it back to its normal state.

That's it for now. Will be back with updates when work slows down

Monday, 28 September 2015

Moisturizer - homemade concoction


I was too busy to wash my hair this weekend, so I decided to do a thorough m&s session to get my hair set for this week on Sunday night. In my pink spray bottle I added:

- half the bottle was filled with tap water
- a quarter of the bottle filled with glycerine
- the last quarter was ORS Replenishing Conditioner

I sectioned my hair into 6 sections, really spritzed each section until it was dripping, and detangled my hair. After detangling, I sealed with coconut oil, and twisted up the section before moving to the next. This morning, my hair felt really moisturised, and the shrinkage told me I did a very good job. I also had pretty waves from the resulting twist out, although I had to bun for work.

This evening when I took down my bun, my hair still felt great. This mix might be a great option for my new home. I will keep experimenting with other ingredients, but so far this one is a keeper 

What homemade concoctions have you tried lately? Give us details on ingredients, and results


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hair Regimen for Hot, dry climate

Hello everyone, hope you're having a great week so far.

So, I just got my work deployment details. I will be moving to a part of Zimbabwe that is really hot and dry. Therefore, I will need to change my regimen to make sure my hair won't suffer from the weather. Here's what I'm thinking...

1. Moisturize and seal more often. From twice a week up to about twice a day.
2. GHE thrice a week
3. Deep condition twice a week
4. Frequent protein treatments
5. Coconut oil prepoos to protect against hygral fatigue

As you can see, my regimen will be heavily moisture based. Which is why I will up my protein treatments (to prevent moisture overload) and use coconut oil to fight hygral fatigue. I think I will mostly braid some cornrows or bun for my protective styles, because it will be too hot to try add in any extensions. I also need to focus on thickening up my nape, the hair there feels a bit too thin for my liking especially when compared to the thickness of my crown and front.

I am pretty stoked about moving to this new place, although my posts may become infrequent again.

Anyway, anymore suggestions on what I should do to take care of my hair in this new climate?

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Wash Day Saga - Summer Regimen + Length Check

Morning everyone! Hope you're having a great Sunday.

I had to do a washday post, I had missed doing these. And for once, I have pictures #highfive. Here's how my wash day went...

1. I prepooed my hair overnight using coconut oil
2. I shampooed my hair using ORS Creamy Ale shampoo, focusing on my scalp and then washed off the dust and what not from this past week.
3. I deep conditioned using ORS Replenishing conditioner. I left the conditioner on for 3 hours

4. I rinsed out 50% of the conditioner using cold water.
5. I blotted off the excess water using a t-shirt and applied African Pride Shea Miracle leave in conditioner and coconut oil
6. I set my hair using my orange and a few green rollers. These are the largest rollers I could find and I am outgrowing them. I need bigger ones now. And I need to practice setting

7. I took down the rollers just before I went to bed and did a length check

8. I am braiding my hair to protective style this week.

So, basically, most of the above will be my summer regimen. On the days I am too lazy to roller set, I will do African Threading to stretch my hair out.

So, how was your washday?

Friday, 18 September 2015

Relaxer Update and Other Stories

I am really sorry for having disappeared on y'all. I started a new job in August, and I was in an intense 5 week training course that is examinable (and keeping my job depends on passing all my exams). Anyway, exams are almost over, which means I can finally blog and catch you up on how my hair is doing.

I am going to be honest here, I neglected my hair for most of August. The most I did (besides the relaxer at the end of the month) was wash after 2 weeks and bun. Needless to say, I had a lot of breakage. It's only just quitting now after getting back on my regimen this month. So I'm still APL even though I should have been BSB by now. Bummer, but sometimes life happens. 

I did my relaxer on the 26th of August. I got home after work, and just pulled out my relaxer kit, and got down to business. I got the ORS relaxer again. This time, I didn't add any oil to the relaxer creme. I realized that the relaxer is so gentle that I didn't need to add anything in order to texlax. And since my hair was really under processed in February, I decided to also do a corrective relaxer of sorts. I first based my scalp with Vaseline and divided my hair into 4 sections. I applied the relaxer creme starting at the front, moving towards the back. After smoothing the creme onto my roots, I also applied it to the rest of the hair strand to further process the hair. I had my timer on, and I rinsed out the relaxer before the 15 minute mark. I did my mid protein step using a gelatin treatment. I neutralized using the Creamy Aloe shampoo. I then did a DC which was a mix of the Replenishing pak and one of my Darbur Vatika DCs. After rinsing, I blow dried my hair before doing African threading to stretch it.

That weekend, I then did my first (and last) flat iron of the year. I worked with smaller sections this time, and did only 2 passes. My hair wasn't as straight as I wanted it to be (as I still had shrinkage) but my hair still looks full. I also did a mini length check, and I will post it once I transfer it to my iPad. 

I am now back on sulfur oil massages and GHE till the end of the year. I am also trying to think of long term protective styles that I can do when I get deployed at work. I think I may have to buy a new wig, and keep my hair in braids under it. 

That's it from me. I will try to post regularly from now on

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Going Gluten Free in Africa

That right there is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I realized I was either celiac or gluten intolerant earlier this year. I have been trying to go gluten free and lapsing for so many times. But the 21st of July 2015 is the last day that I will start going gluten free again.

This means I read all the ingredients on prepackaged food, and avoid some processed foods. Most fast food is out as well since most of these outlets contaminate their food with gluten. Hopefully, this will help reduce my acne breakouts, as well as stop my stomach issues from flaring up.

Some of the foods I will avoid are:

1. Bread, biscuits, cakes and pasta
2. Pizza, burgers, deep fried coated chicken, 
3. Polony, Russian sausages and any other processed meats
4. Lagers
5. Coffee creamers, oatmeal, processed cereal

The worst thing is gluten pops up in the most random foods. So some gravy powders and other random foods have gluten. That's the main reason why I'm moving out now. Coz that's the only way I can monitor what I eat. At home they think I'm just being fussy and picky so my food gets contaminated.

Has anyone recently adopted a special diet for health reasons? How are you coping?

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Quickie Update

So I just got an opportunity to give y'all an update on what's going on with my hair

First of all, I made APL. The growth aid I have been using (a sulfur oil mix) has been seriously working. Since spring is right round the corner, I think I can boost my growth and retention to get close to BSL by the end of the year.

Which brings me to a sad update, I have started experiencing short strand breakage again. I am due for a trim but I want to get a good pair of scissors to use. I will probably trim in August when I do my touch up at 6 months post. I won't lose much length, I think a half inch trim is more than enough to give me fresh, healthy ends.

I bought rollers and did my first roller set in June. It actually turned out great. I managed to really straighten my hair and that's when I did my length check. I think I'm getting the hang of the styling bit now.

I wigged my way through most of winter. I actually gave up on wigs when I noticed the synthetic hair was irritating my skin and making my acne worse. So I am back in buns or goddess braids as my protective styles.

My bun is getting bigger. I stopped using a sock to make a bun, and now just use my hair. My bun is now a respectable size. Hopefully soon, my bun will be the size of my head.

I think I really under processed when I did my virgin texlax. My ends are still pretty curly, especially when they get properly moisturized. I think when I do my touch up I will also need to do a slight corrective relaxer.

Finally my chewed up hairline seems to be recovering sloooowly. I have been doing massages with my growth aid but the hair is not coming in as fast as it used to. I really hope that the weave didn't kill my follicles. Anyway, starting August, I am back on inversions, GHE and sulfur oil for maximum hair and hairline growth.

That's what's been happening with my hair. I will upload length checks soon.




Hi everyone.

Sorry for having disappeared on you lately, I have been having internet woes. Will be back in August.



Saturday, 6 June 2015

It's My Hair!!! Tag

So I found this tag over at fancy Flair Lady, and I decided to do it just for the heck of it. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it :)

1. Why did you start your hair journey?
     I started on my hair journey because I had seen results from healthy hair practices. In my junior year in university, I had bleached my hair and reserached ways to keep it healthy. That's when I discovered the whole hair journey idea. I actually started my hair journey in 2012, when I cut off all my processed hair after severe breakage

2. How long have you been on your hair journey?
It's been 3 years now (May 2012)

3. Are you natural, relaxed or transitioning?
I am texlaxed

4. What is your length right now?
In between shoulder and arm pit length

5. What is your goal length?
I'm going for terminal :)

6. What is your hair texture?
I am a mix of type 3c and all the type 4s

7. Health or Length?
Right now my health is decent so I go for length. But if my hair health is bad, health first

8. If you could only live with one hair product what would it be?
Conditioner. Lots and lots of conditioner

9. What's the worst product you've ever used?
The Beautiful textures DC. It did absolutely nothing for my hair

10. What is your "go to" hair style?
Buns. And wigs

11. Are you a product junkie?
Yes I am.

12. How often do you trim your hair?
On a need to basis. If my hair has splits I trim. If it doesn't, I leave it alone

13. How often do you use heat?
Once in a very blue moon. My hair doesn't like heat much

14. Do you take hair supplements?
I take a daily multivitamin

15. Favorite oil?
Castor oil.

16. Who is your hair crush?
Soooo many. PrettyWitty, Jen (Just Grow Already), Curly Eva to mention a few

17. How long does it take you on a wash day?
I normally DC overnight, so my actual wash day will last for 30 minutes if I am bunning. If I am wigging it, it will take 2 hours

18. Worst thing that has happened to your hair?
Heat. I had really bad split ends from heat use end of last year, and I ended up cutting a lot of my hair. I went from BSB to barely APL. Then I lost more length again because of over stretching my natural hair

19. Do you dye your hair? If so, what color?
Nope. i will stick to the relaxer cream only

20. Who do you tag?
Everyone who feels like doing the tag :)

Put your link in my comments so I can read your tag too

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Wash Day Saga - Wigs, wigs, wigs

Last week I was just too darn lazy to post about my same old wash day.  But this weekend, my mama came back from Tanzania with my HG deep conditioners, and I felt excited about washing my hair again.
The #WashDayExperience
Here's what happened....

1. Overnight DC using Dabur Vatika Naturals Deep Conditioning for Dry, Dull and Lifeless hair. This conditioner is just amazing. It has slip and is cheap (my mom bought 500ml for $5)
Meet my boo

2. I rinsed out the conditioner the following morning, and followed up with a shampoo using ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo.

3. After rinsing out the  shampoo, I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb the excess moisture.

4. I sealed my hair with castor oil, and did a damp bun, as I had to go run errands.

5. That night I finally sat down and detangled. I decided to do box braids again, and wig for the rest of the month. So, I'm giving my hair and myself a break. This will hopefully stop me from doing length checks everyday.

I am still continuing with my sulfur oil massages and GHE. I will also have to get serious about inversion this month.

So, how was your wash day?

Monday, 1 June 2015

What's In My Bag Tag

Thanks so much to Sandra over at Naija Girl Next Door  for tagging me. It's been a while since the tag, but I am ready to show you what's in my bag.

My camera is not the best in the world so I will describe what's in my bag...

1. My tablet. I never leave home without my iPad. It has my eboks, music, and I can keep up with my social life wherever.

2. Eyedrops. Its winter (very cold and dry) and I am wearing contact lenses. Gotta keep my eyes hydrated and sparkling

3. Lip balm (one with SPF 50 and one without SPF). I love the SPF one even if my lips turn white, and I look starved :)

4. Gum. I am a gum addict and I need to chew on something constantly

5. Tampon. Just in case

6. Sweet. Randomly at the bottom of my bag.

7. Earphones. For music on the go

8. USB cable. for charging my phone at the office.

9. Hello Kitty coin pouch with my coins and IDs and what not

10. Keys. House keys, office keys and some homeless keys I adopted.

11. Book. I am currently reading African holocaust which is about the Ugandan Martyrs. It's a fascinating bit of African history.

Missing in the picture are my two phones.

I am not tagging this tag but if you want to do it, go ahead and then point me to your post. I would love to read your posts :)

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Major Shed Ahead!!!

Lately (this week) I have been experiencing a major shed. Normally I shed about 20 hairs a day and its all cool. But this week I think I have shed about 100 hairs a day and its not loking pretty. I actually have a huge hairball in my room that I will upload next week Monday, just to show you how much I have shed.

At first, I thought it was just hair from weeks of not much thorough detangling. But something I saw on The Long Hair Community pointed to a different reason. Apparently food allergies (such as lactose or gluten) can cause shedding. I fond out earlier this year that I am gluten intolerant or actually allergic (not sure which yet). Unfortunately this week, I had to eat food with gluten or starve to death.  Which explains my fresh breakout, hyperacidity and shedding. So today, I decided to quietly starve instead of poisoning myself with something my body can't take. I just have to be really careful with what I eat and really read ingredient labels.

So, if you are having unexplained shedding, a food allergy might be the cause. I will be back in 2 weeks with feedback on whether cutting out gluten worked to stop my shedding.


Monday, 18 May 2015

Sulfur Oil Mix

In my wash day post, I mentioned that I recently started a new growth aide. Namely, a mix of sulfur and oils. Sulfur is widely proclaimed a very effective growth aide on these internet streets.

Sulfur is a mineral that is used in the body to synthesize of proteins and enzymes, convert vitamins, and is also necessary for joint health, metabolizing amino acids, hair, nail, and skin health.

I got my sulfur through a friend who was doing his thesis work at a lab in Harare. After googling sulfr recipes online, I made my own which has:

- 1 tsp sulfur powder
- 100ml castor oil
- 50ml baobab oil
- 50ml extra virgin olive oil
- a few drops of eucalyptus oil to kill the sulfur smell

I mixed all this in an old bottle of Wild Growth Hair Oil (mainly for the applicator nozzle), and did a my first sulfur scalp massage on Wednesday evening. My scalp went really itchy at first, but the itch calmed down after I had panicked for 5 minutes. I did the GHE as well that night.

I am going to be using this oil throughout winter, especially when I do the inversion challenge. My growth goes into super sloooooo-mooooooo as soon as it gets colder, so anything that speeds up my growth rate will be welcome.

Is anyone else interested in doing a sulfur oil mix? I might just do a giveaway of some of the sulfur powder I have. The amount I have will probably last me for years, so I think spreading the love will be great :)

Wash Day Saga - Back to Braids

So wash day came and went. Remember my resolution to start wigging for winter? Total fail (for now) since I am back in my cornrows....

Whoa, ok, let me rewind and take you through my wash day.
The #WashDayExperience
1. Let me start by saying, I have started a new growth aid, namely a home made sulfur oil mix. I started using it on Wednesday (13 May) when a friend got me some sulfur at the lab he was doing his thesis at. So I have so far done 2 scalp masages using the sulfr mix.

2. I did an overnight DC using ORS Replenishing conditioner. I simply slathered it onto my box braids and let everything sit overnight.

3. I rinsed out the conditioner the next morning, and shampooed twice with ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo. I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb the excess water

4. I airdried the braids until they were damp and started taking them down to detangle. And then I realised my hair had a lot of build up. I decided to do another wash the next day, but had to skip it since it seems like I'm getting another case of tonsillitis. But back to the detangling, this was my first proper comb detangle in a long while. So I ended up losing a lot of hair, but my roots are no longer feeling matted.

5. I ended up just doing my usual 2 cornrows so that I can look presentable for work. I will start my May round of inversions on Thursday, using a mix of miconazole nitrate and the sulfur mix. As you can probably see, I am really serious about getting to BSL for my cousin's wedding in December.

Well, that was my entire wash day. How did yours go?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Wash Day Saga - Hiding My Hair

I have decided to start my winter regimen, since its now May and getting clder, and colder in the mornings. Off topic, but I sometimes wish I could go hibernate.

This wash day was simple, and fast. Like I said, its getting cold, and I really don't like having wet hair when its cold. Here's how my wash day went down...
The #WashDayExperience
1. I did 15 individual braids the night before. I had planned to do an overnight DC until I realised that my hair had so much buildup and oil.

2. I shampooed my hair using ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo. I focused mainly on my scalp, but I thoroughly cleansed my ends too.

3. I felt extra lazy and skipped the DC step. I just wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb the extra water, and applied ORS Curls Unleashed Take Command Curl Creme. I figured that since it has plenty of oils and butters, that will be enough nourishment for the week. (hiding face in shame). I also sealed with a bit of baobab oil

4. When my hair was just damp, I strted taking down the braids, detangling, and redoing them, so I can start my wig reggie for winter.

Et voila, that was all. I'm currently wigging it, and will take down the braids weekly to detangle and redo them. My reason for this is to prevent matting and tangling very early. Manipulating my hair once a week, shouldn't do any harm.

So, who wants to do a winter challenge with me starting 1 June?

Friday, 8 May 2015

Wash Day Saga - Never Again!!!!!

As I type this, I'm sitting in a Hunchback of Notre Dame pose because I allowed someone to lay hands on my head. And my resolution is NEVER AGAIN!!!!! (sorry for yelling).

This wash day was all about getting my hair clean and as stretched as possible to show off length. Since it was HIFA week in Harare, and I had a birthday party to attend, I wanted to show off just a teeny bit. Here's how my wash day went down....
The #WashDayExperience
1. Overnight DC on Thursday using ORS Replenishing conditioner (have I mentioned lately that this is a Holy Graill product for me now? I loves it to bitsessss)

2. The next morning I rinsed out and shampooed my hair using a neutralizing shampoo from an old relaxer kit (destashing slowly but surely)

3. After shampooing, I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb the excess water

4. Then this week, I decided to stretch my hair (definitely no heat went close to my hair). I applied castor oil to my damp hair and then I simply did African threading in 5 sections and left my hair to airdry overnight.

5. I took down my threads, lightly fingercombed before doing a low ponytail. Then I went out to show off.

6. So last night I decided to protective style as usual by doing two braids for the week. My cousin ''kindly'' volunteered to cornrow my hair and promised she wouldn't use too much tension. Well, one thing I know for certain is I'm taking out these braids tonight and redoing my cornrows my self. This pain is waaaay too much for me now.

So how was your wash day? I hope you had no styling fiascos like mine :)

Friday, 1 May 2015

Back to Basics - Stretching Your Relaxer

Hi. I haven't been able to post the Back to Basics series as frequently as I hoped, but here is the latest installation for you.

In honor of my recent(ish) relaxer, I have been doing posts about how to maintain healthy, relaxed hair. Yes, despite the damage that chemical treatments can cause, relaxed hair can also be maintained in a healthy state. One of the main contributions to having healthy, relaxed hair is stretching your relaxer.

Stretching a relaxer is just extending the time between your relaxer touch ups. Instead of having relaxers every four to six weeks, you can get your touch ups (or retouches) done after a minimum of 8 weeks. I have heard of epic stretchers who do their touch ups once a year ( I hope I will join these epic stretchers soon).

I actually wrote some stuff on this last year, so my suggestion would be to read the post here.

I am off to read the post myself. I need to remember what to do when doing an epic stretch.



Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Wash Day Saga - Clarifying Wash

Another wash day came, and I actually washed my hair. I really need to work on being less lazy.

Since I hadn't washed my hair for 2 weeks, I decided to do a clarifying wash, with my hair loose to get rid of all the build up. Here's what happened...
The #WashDayExperience
1. I did an overnight deep conditioning treatment using a mix of ORS Replenishing conditioner and ORS Curls Unleashed Take Command Curl Creme. The curl cream first 5 ingredients are mostly butters and oils, and I figured that would be an excellent conditioner boost.

2. I rinsed out the conditioner with warm water and applied shampoo to my scalp. I wanted to use up all my teeny hotel shampoos so that's what I used. After lathering my scalp, I also lathered my hair to get rid of build up. I rinsed out the shampoo and wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb excess moisture

3. When my hair wasn't dripping anymore, I applied castor oil to my ends and did a quick ponytail. I let my hair airdry in this for the rest of the day.

4. When my hair was dry, I massaged my scalp with miconazole nitrate and did the inversion method. I also did my protective style of the week, which is two huge cornrows.

Side note: Its interesting to see that people think my hair is natural when I am in these braids. I have to tell them I am very lightly relaxed. Hmmm, maybe I should process my hair more when I do my touch up in September. Or maybe not, I like my hair like this, and I enjoy having thickness. I don't want a stringy ponytail just because I'm so obsessed with showing length, I overprocess my relaxer.

Anyway, how was your own wash day?

Friday, 24 April 2015

Hair Survey - Why Ladies Wear Weaves/Braids Non-Stop

Today on my Twitter timeline I saw this tweet, and had asked about it:

When I saw the first tweet, I thought that maybe someone had said evil things about natural hair and was getting ready to wage nuclear warfare. Then I saw its about weaves and braids. What Hugh Masekela said about weaves and braids wearing students can be found here.

Now I proceeded to ask why people wear weaves and braids non-stop. Like no breaks at all. You take out your weave today and get a new one installed that same day or the next day. 

Quick confession: Before I started my healthy hair journey I used to do this. Why? I believed that I looked better in long weaves than with my own shorter hair, and I was embarrassed about having my own raggedy looking hair out. 

Answers I got on a Whatsapp group I'm in were:

''Well hair, I could just leave it like that if it weren't house rule that I keep it plaited. After each undo though I keep it crazy for 2 days then do something after. I prefer going bald, but not allowed''


''Because my hair is natural. Its kinky. Shrinks and tangles of its own accord if not tamed. If combed daily it hurts in addition to breaking. Ndosara nema (translation: I will be left with) tufts of uneven painful hair''.

Answers I got on Twitter:

''I think it's a matter of choice, not a matter of not being proud. for some, natural hair is just a hassle'' (by natural hair this contributor meant hair that grows out of your scalp, regardless of whether it is chemically processed or not)


''i guess most people don't know what to do with their own hair. I was like that as well before my . back to back in weaves''

Answers I got on Facebook:

''Because we don't know how/want to deal with our own hair''


"I'm just nervous about showing my hair. I see pics of nice dos and tell myself this time I'll show it but eh laziness isn't a joke''

So if you are a former doer of this, or you currently do this, why do/did you wear weaves/braids with no breaks?

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Liebster Award


I got nominated for the Liebster award :) over at Its an award given by bloggers to encourage one another, and also to help you discover new, and interesting blogs. I feel honored to be nominated.

Here are my answers to the questions I was asked.

1. Why did you choose the title of your blog?
I chose the title of my blog because I have very typical type 4 African hair, which is referred to in my home country as "Hard Mashona Type". The stereotype about this hair is that its short, and can never grow to great lengths. I ended up picking this name in order to turn the stereotype upside down, and show that ''hard mashona hair'' grows as well as any other type.

2. What got you interested in blogging?
I have always been interested in writing, and blogging was just the next step. My blog started as an online hair diary, but I am hoping to develop it even more.

3. What is your greatest accomplishment in life thus far?
Hmmmmm, hard to say. I think I will pick having had the opportunity to work for a big brand. It showed me skills I never imagined I had, and I got to work with awesome people and travel quite a bit.

4. What places would you like to travel to and Why?
Rwanda and Burundi, so I can say I have been all over East Africa. And I hear they are beautiful countries. 

5. What is your guilty pleasure?
Eating junk food while reading ebooks or watching historical series like the Tudors.

6. What are five random facts about you?
- I was enrolled in boarding school from age 10 to 18
- I was a radio presenter in university on the campus station
- I used to dream of being a supermodel
- I can play the recorder
- I hate Math. And yes, I majored in Accounting with a Finance minor. No, it doesn't make sense to me either

7. Who or what inspires you?
My mother is my number one inspiration. Don't tell her I said that 

8. Do you have any unique talents?
Does the ability to eat my own weight in junk food and not gain weight count? Otherwise, I remember really random facts and store useless factoids in my brain. I actually have an excellent memory 

9. If you hit the lottery, how would you spend your fortune?
I would first buy a house, invest half of the remainder, then travel for a while and buy gifts for my family. And buy some shoes :)

10. What are some of your pet peeves?
People who are always late, people who walk really slowly and take up the entire sidewalk, people who drive in the wrong lane for slow traffic, people who don't respect personal space.

11. What goals have you set for yourself for the next five years?
I hope to have my Masters degree by then, as well as halfway through a professional qualification (either to become a Chartered Accountant or Chartered Financial Analyst).

Now the rules for the award are:

1.Tag the person's blog who nominated you in your post.
2. Nominate 11 bloggers with no more than 500 followers
3. Ask 11 questions to your nominees.
4. Let your nominees know they have been chosen.
5. Post your answers to the questions you answered
6. Don't forget to comment on this post with your link so I can see how you answered the questions

And my nominees are:

1. Sandra at Naija Girl Next Door
7. Kangopie at Kangopie
8. Decepticonz Mobilize (I love her name) at Anything and Everything Hair
9. WeaveItUpToMe at Weave It Up To Me
10. Fatimah at Hairequest and last but not least,
11. Phoenix at The Random Phoenix

My questions for these lovely and inspiring ladies are:

1. Who/what inspired you to start blogging?
2. What has blogging help you to achieve?
3. If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 5 things would you want with you?
4. If given the opportunity, which country would you like to live and work in for a year?
5. What is the one thing you love most about your home country?
6. If you had $50,000 to give to charity, which charity would you donate to and why?
7. Can you tell us 3 random facts about you?
8. If you were on an episode of Come Dine with Me, which celebrities, alive or deceased, would you want to compete with?
9. Book version or movie version?
10. What do youlove most about what you do (work or school)?
11. What do you hope to accomplish in the next 5 years?

Monday, 20 April 2015

Mini Length Check - 7 weeks post

Thanks to the rain this weekend, I did not feel tempted at all to wash my hair even though it has a lot of build up. I'm just going to bun it until next weekend when I will do my clarifying shampoo. Instead this week I am bringing you a length check picture.

I wanted to see if I had been fantasising about my hair feeling longer lately, so I dug out my length check tee, undid my braids, and got a cousin to do the camera honours. I am not straightening my hair any time soon, as I really want to retain every inch I gain.

Drumroll please............................................................................................

Thank you, thank you, its such an honour and priviledge. 

I have managed to gain AND retain 2 inches of growth in less than 2 months. How did I manage this? Well mainly by doing the inversion method and GHE at the same time. I also started taking multivitamins , and massaged my scalp with miconazole nitrate when I did my inversions. 

What's really making me happy is that I ammanaging to retain length while texlaxed now. My reason for ending my transition and going back to texlaxing was because I simply wasn't retaining any length in my fully natural spots. So my gamble paid off.

I am also on track for my goal of APL by June 2015. APL is on line 4, and I am an inch away. I am so excited with the way my journey is going now. Can't wait to get to my first milestone in my rebooted hair journey :)

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Off Topic - Random Musings

I haven't been able to say this out for a while, but I have been depressed lately. My life has been stuck in a rut that I seem to get out off.

My most major disappointment is the university one. That's the thing that got me down the most. As anyone who has known me since I was a toddler can tell you, I pride myself on my academic achievement. There's a time I actually cried in primary school when I was 3rd in my class, instead of my usual first or second. Yes, I am that intense. I became slightly more mellow in university when I let myself graduate with a magna instead of a summa cum laude, but not too much.

So, I recently was trying my hand at going to do my Masters in Sweden. I had picked my Masters programs, I got placed on the reserved list for my first choice degree (I had a slight moment of shock) but was accepted into my second choice program.

Then came waiting for the scholarship results. I needed the scholarship to fund at least my tuition, I could manage to swing the upkeep money somehow. But unfortunately I failed to make the cut for the scholarship. Not even to the group of 16 stage (yes, I'm treating it like its the World Cup).

So I am back in my little rut trying to climb out before I sink in too deep. I need to find other ways to improve myself academically/professionally before I sink into complacency.

OK, I am done with self-pity. Into the breach once more dear friends...

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Wash Day Saga - I'm Sensing a Theme... Lazy

Hey everyone!!!

Brrrr, its chilly here. Winter is coming. And I have been adjusting my regimen for winter by going to bare minimum hair care AKA benign neglect... Or just being plain lazy. Anyway, I figured that the less I manipulate my hair by too many steps in my wash day and daily styling, the more I will be able to retain length, especially when its colder. And I have a new length goal. I have to be BSL or close-ish by end of November, so I can rock long hair to my cousin's wedding in early December. Is this doable? Hopefully it is.

My wash day was a simple overnight DC.
The #WashDayExperience
1. I applied ORS Replenishing Conditioner to loose hair, focusing on the left back section that seems to be not retaining length. I then applied some castor oil on top of the DC, covered my head with two shower caps and a scarf and let all the goodness get absorbed while I slept.

2. The next morning, I rinsed it all out with warm (not hot) water.

3. After rinsing, I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb excess moisture.

4. I then sealed my hair with baobab oil, and air dried my hair while it was in a bun.

5. That evening, I did my two cornrow ''faux crown braid''. I am really enjoying the convenience of this protective style. Its easy on the edges, and its quick and simple to do. Definite keeper, though I can't wait to try KLP's swirled crown braid. Maybe when I get past APL I can do it #APLBucketList

That was all for my wash day. I am now going to start thinking of a winter regimen that will encourage maximum retention. Any idea about what I should do?

Have a great day....

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wash Day - Lazy Again

Well, I am going to up my blog posts next week. I suddenly have more time on my hands and I can blog again :)

My most recent wash day was very lazy again. My hair felt waxy and I had a lot of build up from so many weeks of only DCing or co-washing that I had to break out the shampoo bottle. Here's what happened...
The #WashDayExperience
On Good Friday, I did a water rinse to just up my moisture levels. And I was going to do the Way of the Cross in scorching heat, so I had to give my hair a little love. After the water rinse, I sealed with a little coconut oil, and damp bunned.

On Sunday, I decided I couldn't take it anymore, and decided to shampoo my hair. However, I didn't have time to deep condition, so I decided to hunt around the house for the most nourishing oil around. I ended up kidnapping my mom's oil.

First I shampooed using ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo. This shampoo also chelates, so I killed two birds with one wash :). I washed my hair while it was loose, to cleanse it thoroughly. I mainly focused on cleansing my scalp, although I also lathered my ends to get rid of the build up. I only did one lather, to prevent stripping my hair, snce I didn't have time to deep condition.

I skipped deep conditioning (which I really won't advise anyone to do). I felt like I could afford to skip the DC step because:

1. my hair wasn't stripped after my shampoo
2. I was going to use a nourishing oil to seal, and
3. I wasn't going to wear my hair out or manipulate it much this week.

So after washing, I simply wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb the excess moisture. And while my hair was still damp I applied the Shea Oil I had lifted from my mom's room. This oil has shea butter, coconut oil, lavender oil and eucalyptus oil, so I figured it will nourish my hair enough for my next wash day. I let my hair airdry loose for a while, before braiding it into my faux crown braid (2 cornrows around the edge of my head). I am keeping this style in until my next wash day.

Overall, I'm pretty happy with my hair's health at the moment. I am experiencing minimal breakage, and retaining length well. My hair is also retaining moisture well, which is very important as we go into winter here. I need to start thinking about how to winterize my regimen this year. I already bought my castor oil, but I still need something else to use as a growth aid.

So how was your wash day?

Monday, 30 March 2015

Quick Update

Hey everyone,

I won't be posting as much for a few weeks. A lot is happening right now.

First, my gran is sick, and that's less time during the weekend to prepare posts. I normally draft my posts during the weekend, but right now, life at home is pretty busy, so I won't have as many up. And the few I will have will be very short and to the point.

Secondly, I am applying for my Masters. I have been admitted into my first choice university, but I still need to get a scholarship. My brain can't focus on anything except praying for a scholarship (fees of US$6,000 per semester (excluding living expenses) is not a joke). I just hope things work out on the academic front.

Then we are moving offices at work. So now added to my usual workload, I will have a lot of disruptions thanks to the move.

Regular posting will resume after Easter, when everything is more or less settled.

On to my hair...
The #WashDayExperience

I DC'ed my hair overnight with ORS Replenishing conditioner, and then shampooed my scalp only the next morning with ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo. My hair feels very oily, but I'm going with the flow and just keeping it oily. My scalp is clean, which is what matters most. I have done a faux crown braid as my protective style this week, just two cornrows on the sides of my head and then tucking in the ends. I don't feel like fussing much with my hair, and I needed a PS that wasn't a bun and that didn't involve fake hair. Since I am now able to cornrow my hair so that I can go out of the house with it, my new go to will be a faux crown braid, until my hair is long enough for a proper crown braid.

Have a great week everyone...

Monday, 23 March 2015

Wash Day Saga - Lazy Girl Routine

Lately I have been going lazier with my hair care routine, which is why I will not be posting regular wash day posts anymore. My weekly washes will now be an overnight DC, and a cowash the next morning. I will clarify once a month, but that's about it. I am starting to adjust my reggie for winter and I am not willing to spend a lot of time with a wet head.
The #WashDayExperience
Last week, I did an overnight DC with ORS Replenishing conditioner, which my hair loved. I did a scalp wash with Dudu Osun African black soap and it dried my hair out. So no more using black soap as a shampoo bar, my texlaxed hair is not happy with that.

This week I simply did an overnight DC with Silkness Nutrition and Repair conditioner (finishing that bottle). After rinsing it out, my hair felt so good that I didn't bother with a leave in, I just sealed my hair with coconut oil and did 8 box braids to air dry my hair. I also started the inversion method this Saturday. My technique consists of a scalp massage using miconazole nitrate every other day, inverting for 4 minutes and an overnight GHE treatment. Hopefully, this will help me get the 1'' this month.

Alrighty then, time for pictures :)

Side swept bangs + Bun for church

don't mind my grumpy face... inversion starting length

Thursday, 19 March 2015

My volunteer experiences + Call for Help

I have spent about 9 or so years of my life at academic institutions that placed a lot of emphasis on helping the less privileged in society.

In high school, every student organisation held fundraisers every term to sponsor their pet charities. We also had a major fundraising every Lent (I went to a Catholic school) where students gave up their favorite snacks and donated their pocket money to the appeal. The money raised would buy school uniforms, books and pay school fees for children in the surrounding community.

In university, giving back to the community around the university was an even bigger event. Every year on the Vice Chancellor's birthday, students would join faculty and support staff, and would go some intense physical labor at the primary schools (elementary schools for my US readers). We also did 90 hours of community service in our junior or senior year.

My community service was done at Victorious Joy Children's Home in Kahawa West, Nairobi. I did it during the spring break, and it was intense. The jobs volunteers were expected to do where anything and everything the home wanted you to do for them. So I hand washed laundry, cleaned the kids rooms, helped cook lunch, play with the kids as well as teach at the school that was affiliated to the home. Those were busy but fun, and rewarding weeks. I improved my sheng (the urban Kiswahili), learnt how to teach and also how to cook some typically Kenyan dishes (chapati and githeri).

Even after university, volunteering didn't stop. I even climbed Mt Kilimanjaro (and endured horrible altitude sickness for a school). So when I moved back to Zim, I have been looking for a non-profit to volunteer with. I have found one, which brings me to my appeal...

I am currently fundraising for Kidzcan Zimbabwe. Well, not really fundraising but gathering together certain items. Kidzcan is an organisation that helps children diagnosed with cancer and their families with getting treatment, education within the hospital as well as giving them material things that their families can't afford. I am trying to create what are called ''admission packs''. These are simply little packs that can be given to kids as they get admitted into hospital. Often, their families don't expect that their child will be admitted, so they will not  have them on hand. These include bathing soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, vaseline/lotion and a small toy or some candy. If anyone would like to donate these please email me on and I will definitely be in touch. I have currently managed to create 12 packs using my own cash, and some items donated by my mum too. My target is to create 30 of these packs and hand them over to Kidzcan on the 11th of April.

Your help will be appreciated. Even spreading the word to your friends and family will be a great help.

Friday, 13 March 2015

Back to Basics - Self Relaxing

Since I have started relaxing again, I decided to do a back to basics post for those ladies interested in self relaxing. In 2013, self relaxing is what really helped me break through my shoulder length plateau, and start retaining serious length. This happened since when I self relaxed, I made sure I never overlapped my relaxers, and I also consistently texlaxed (leaving hair with some curliness or waviness after relaxing).

Pros of Self Relaxing

1. You get to oversee every step of the process yourself

2. You are sure of the quality of the products being used in your hair (no risk of having relaxer mixed with hair remover, yes this really happens in salons)

3. You add in a few steps that a regular stylist wouldn't bother with (such as a mid-step protein treatment, coating previously relaxed hair with some sort of oil)

4. Your hair is your priority, you won't be rushed to make space for another client

5. You will try by all means to avoid overlapping your relaxer (applying relaxer to already relaxed hair)

6. You can be gentler when detangling and applying relaxer

Cons of Self Relaxing

1. It's hard to determine if your hair is now processed to the right degree

2. It takes a lot of time, and can be painful (aching arms, anyone?)

3. You have to invest in excellent products and tools

My suggestion is, if you find that stylists around you always over process and overlap your relaxers, maybe you should look into self relaxing. If your stylist can relax your hair without overlapping and over processing, stick to that stylist. And if you do self relax, make sure you read the instructions that come with your relaxer. You do not want to take chances with a serious chemical process like this. Chemical burns and/or melted hair are not something to joke with.

My self relaxing method can be found here:

Relaxer at 18 weeks post

The half and half method, is very popular with most self-relaxers.

Ms D at 6footlonghair has this post on how to self relax

If you are a more visual person, Jen from JustGrowAlready has this video on how she does the half and half method

Next week, my Back to Basics post will be on stretching your relaxer.


Monday, 9 March 2015

Wash Day Saga - Chelating Wash day + Bonus Mid Week CoWash

Last week, I ended up doing two washes. A midweek cowash to boost my moisture levels after my relaxer, and a chelating shampoo day to remove any mineral deposits that may have been left in my hair after my wash day.

Here's my wash day experience...
The #WashDayExperience
Midweek CoWash

On Tuesday night, I did an overnight DC with the Silkness Nutrition and Repair conditioner + coconut oil. I rinsed it out with cold water on Wednesday morning, and t-shirt dried to about 60%, before sealing with baobab oil and damp bunning for work. My hair looked extra sleek on Wednesday, a co-worker even commented on how my hair looked extra sleek.

Chelating Wash day

1. On Friday evening I did the GHE overnight using a tiny bit of baobab oil. My goal was to boost the moisture levels of my strands and move sebum down my hair before my shampoo use. I also finger detangled and braided my hair into 8 sections.

2. On Saturday morning, I shampooed (while in braids) with ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo. I first thoroughly cleansed my scalp, before working the lather onto my ends. I rinsed out the shampoo with warm water, and let the water drip before applying my DC.

3. I DC'ed with ORS Replenishing Conditioner. This is one of my Holy Grail products, I love the slip of this conditioner. I deep conditioned for an hour using body heat under 2 shower caps.

4. I rinsed out the 50% of the conditioner with cold water. I then wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb excess water.

5. When my hair was damp, I would take down a braid and apply my leave in (ORS Take Command Curl Defining Creme) before sealing with coconut oil. I then detangled using a wide tooth comb, before rebraiding that section. I left my hair to fully air dry.

6. I decided to try to straighten my hair for an official length check. I wanted to use my mom's flat iron which is better than mine, but it was broken. So I just settled for one pass (with lots of heat protectant), and my hair really didn't get straight. I ended up doing the ''pull a bit of hair'' length check
Starting Length for my fully texlaxed journey

My hair is currently sitting just under line 1 in the pic, but its actually at line 2 (this method of length check is really painful, esp if you're snapping your own pic as well, fyi). Short term length goal is line 4 aka APL by the end of June.  Year end length goal is line 7, which is grazing BSL.

My next length check will be in September when I do my touch up, so I don't get too obsessed with achieving length goals at the expense of health.

Monday, 2 March 2015

Wash Day Saga - Relaxer Day

The relaxer finally happened. After 68 weeks of no relaxers and attempting to transition, I went back to what I know better (for the time being).
The #WashDayExperience
I self relaxed at home, using the ORS Olive Oil No Lye box kit for fine to medium textures. Here's what I did...
My relaxer kit + additions

1. On Friday night, I based my scalp with Vaseline and thoroughly detangled my hair using my wide tooth comb. I divided my hair into 4 sections, and braided it to prevent tangling overnight.
How I braided my hair overnight to prevent tangling

2. On Saturday morning, I prepared my mid step protein treatment. I decided to do a gelatin treatment. I mixed 75g of flavoured jelly powder with 125ml of warm water and stirred it until the gelatin dissolved. I then left the mix to cool.

3. I mixed the relaxer with the activator. When it was properly mixed, I added a tablespoon of coconut oil since my intention was to texlax and leave my hair with a lot of texture. I took down the braids, lightly finger detangled, and applied coconut oil to the entire hair strand before clipping up the hair into 4 sections. I also coated my ears with Vaseline

4. I applied the relaxer first to the roots, starting from the back sections and ending with the front sections. I then applied relaxer to the ends and smoothed. Application and smoothing of relaxer took 10 minutes.

5. I rinsed out the relaxer from my hair. As I was rinsing out, I could see that my hair still had a lot of texture. #win

6. I then did my mid step gelatin treatment. I applied the gloopy jelly onto my hair, making sure I got every strand. My hair immediately felt hard so I quickly rinsed out the jelly.

7. I neutralized using the ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo pak that came with with the relaxer. The pak was enough for 4 neutralizing shampoos. I left in the last 3 shampoos for 2 minutes before rinsing out.

8. I deep conditioned with a mix of ORS Replenishing Conditioner pak, Silkness Nutrition and Repair conditioner and coconut oil for 30 minutes using body heat (under 2 shower caps). I rinsed out with cold water and wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb excess water.

9. When my hair was damp, I applied my leave in (ORS Curls Unleashed Take Command Curl Creme). I wanted to do a flexi rod set, but unfortunately we had just had a power cut, and I was late for choir practice. So I simply sealed with baobab oil, and detangled with a wide tooth comb before damp bunning.

Results: Very wavy texlaxed hair. But the beauty is that I can now easily bun without using a lot of tensio unlike when my hair was mostly natural. I also ended up trimming off some ends, bringing my length to line 2 of my length check shirt which is collar bone length. No pics yet, but hopefully will do one with my length check shirt soon.

My short term goal is to retain, retain and retain to APL (which is 2 inches away) by bunning consistently and deep conditioning twice a week. I hope to be APL by June.

So how did your wash day go?

Friday, 27 February 2015

Back to Basics - Deep Conditioning 101 (continued)

Hey everyone. I am back with the last part of the deep conditioners section. If you need to refresh your memory, here's part 1.

Now, maybe I should backtrack a bit, and say that there are 3 types of conditioners on the market, namely:

1. Instant conditioners
2. Deep conditioners/hair masks
3. Leave in conditioners

Instant conditioners are conditioners that are not really meant to penetrate your strands. Their job is to make hair easy to detangle, to increase hair shine, and to fill in whatever flaws that are on the strand cuticle. Instant conditioners are good for co-washing and are a better option when you do not have time to deep condition. In my opinion, a great instant conditioner has plenty of slip, and has no mineral oil in the ingredients list. One of my favorite instant conditioners is the Herbal Essences Hello Hydration (unfortunately I haven't found it in Zim yet). Tresemme also has some good instant conditioners.

Deep conditioners/hair masks are conditioners specially formulated to penetrate hair strands. Their job is to repair the strand from the cortex, and also repair flaws on the surface. Deep conditioners (with slip) are perfect for detangling. Deep conditioners should always be used with heat to allow maximum penetration of all the goodness into the hair. My favorite deep conditioners include ORS Replenishing conditioner, ORS Hairepair nourishing conditioner and the Dabur Vatika naturals conditioners.

Leave in conditioners are conditioners that you apply to your hair after washing and leave them in until your next wash day. They help in boosting the moisture or protein in your hair. Some schools of thought have suggested that most leave in conditioners are actually just watered down instant conditioners. One of my favorite leave in conditioners is Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship Split End Protector.

All of these conditioners have one thing in common. They are all either protein or moisture conditioners.

Protein conditioners focus more on strengthening the hair strand by infusing it with hydrolysed proteins. If you see a conditioner with any ingredient such as hydrolysed silk or wheat in the first 5 ingredients, that conditioner is a protein conditioner. Protein conditioners are also divided into heavy, medium and light protein conditioners.

Examples of heavy protein conditioners - Aphogee 2  step,

Examples of medium protein conditioners - ORS Hair Mayo,

Examples of light protein conditioners - Aphogee 2 Minute Keratin reconstructor, ORS Replenishing conditioner, ORS Hairepair Nourishing conditioner

Moisture conditioners are conditioners that focus more on infusing your hair with moisture. Their ingredients lists will often have humectants (a substance that absorbs or helps another substance retain moisture) in the first 5 ingredients. Humectants include glycerin, honey and aloe vera.

Examples of moisture conditioners - Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Elasta QP DPR 11+ Deep Penetrating Remoisturising conditioner

My next post will be about protein/moisture balance and how to detect if your hair is off balance and how to correct the situation.

Have a great weekend everyone!!          

Monday, 23 February 2015

Wash Day Saga - Relaxer Prep (?)

Hey everybody,

That's a bit of a shocker in the title I know. Less than a year ago, I was all excited about starting my transitioning journey, and now I'm talking about a relaxer preparation wash day. It seems like my mind has been made up now, the only thing left is to buy my relaxer kit and texlax my hair. But first let me take you through my wash day.
The #WashDayExperience
1. I soaked my twists in coconut oil and let it soak into my hair the whole day on Friday.

2. On Friday night, I applied the rest of the DC mix from my last wash day and covered it in my shower cap and scarf for an overnight DC session.

3. The next morning, I rinsed out the DC using cold water, and massaged my scalp to lift the conditioner. To really remove the buildup and gunk on my scalp, I shampooed with Palmolive Classic Green Apple shampoo for normal hair. I got this shampoo from my mom who was getting rid of her stash since she now goes to a loctitian for all her haircare. Its a sulfate shampoo, and I only used it on my scalp to get it clean.

4. After rinsing off the shampoo, I wrapped my hair in an old t-shirt to abosrb excess water for about an hour.

5. I started taking down two twists, detangling them, applied a leave in (ORS Curls Unleashed Take Command Curl Creme) and sealed with vaseline. I then retwisted the hair into one chunky twist. I did this until I had about 16 chunky twists in my hair. I airdried my hair in the chunky twists.

6. I originally wanted to leave my hair in the chunky twists while I wore wigs this week, but I realised I had serious matting after only one week in medium sized twists. I decided to cornrow my hair into 8 (untidy) cornrows. The cornrows are not too bad, but they are definitely not for public viewing. I am still wearing my wigs on top.

I am planning on doing my relaxer on Staurday. I am just going to mildly texlax using the ORS no lye box kit. I originally wanted to do it on the 7th, but my cousin is getting her lobola paid on that date, so I have to do it before. If I do not manage to relax on Saturday, I will do it on the 14th. But the decision is made. I am definitely going to relax again.

How was your wash day?

Friday, 20 February 2015

Fitness Friday - Marathon Training


This is my first time joining the #FitnessFriday linkup. I decided to join it because I have been letting myself go on a fitness level lately.
#FitnessFriday on @SavingOurStrand
Today, one of my closest friends and I decided that we will participate in this year's Victoria Falls Marathon. Now I won't be doing the full or half marathon yet, I don't think I have enough time to build up my resilience for that. Instead, I will do the 9km fun run. Then next year, I will build up to the half marathon.

This year's edition of the Victoria Falls marathon will be on the 28th of June 2015. Attending it in the beautiful town of Victoria Falls at the border between Zambia and ZImbabwe will be my birthday treat to myself :)

So what's my training regimen for the next 3 months? Well, my plan is to jog more. In February, I will be jogging during the weekends. In the following months I will increase the frequency and length of the jogs. My end goal is to comfortably run 10km without a break. I think its pretty doable, as I used to jog a lot when I was preparing to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro back in 2013.

So the February/March training plan is:

 - jog on Saturdays (total of 10km alternating running and walking)

 - jog on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday (working on lowering the walk intervals and increasing the run intervals
- do strength and core training on Tuesday and Thursday
- rest days on Friday and Sunday

That's all for now, training updates coming soon