Friday, 16 January 2015

Back to Basics - Why Start a Healthy Hair Journey

So this is the first post of a series I have promised that will run this year on back to basics hair care. The idea is to break down the reasons why you are encouraged to follow some hair practices or abandon others, and help you take charge of your hair length.

As has been said too many times on the internets, African hair can grow to lengths beyond the usual lengths seen on the streets.  Here's why you should start a healthy hair journey

Reason a: Healthy hair looks great

Simple. Healthy hair no matter what its length is looks good. And a healthy, well maintained scalp helps you give your hair a good start right from the follicles. Looking good, boosts your confidence, and generally makes you happier. In the words of the Dothraki (yes I am excited about season 5 of GoT) "It is known".

Reason b: Healthy hair can ''grow'' to unbelievable lengths

I have put the word grow in quotes because that's the word commonly used. But the term I will use hereafter is retain. Healthy hair is easier to work with in terms of length retention, which means you can grow your all the way to your waist and longer.

Reason c: So you learn to care for your hair in between salon visits

Way back when in the dark ages, I never used to do anything with my hair or scalp in between salon visits. Except comb my hair, and grease my scalp. Not surprisingly, I had short hair. When I started taking slightly more care of my hair in between salon visits, it grew longer. When I went fully DIY, my hair grew even longer. Now I am not encouraging you to forsake all stylists and struggle with doing your hair when its not your strength. What I am encouraging you to do is to just take care of your hair in between salon visits, so your stylist has an easier time doing your hair and you get to maintain a healthy, clean scalp and dandruff and flake free hair.  You also get to know what your hair likes and dislikes (yes, hair has a personality).

Reason d: It may help in saving money on haircare

This benefit only kicks in after you pass the product junkie (you buy any hair care product you see or hear about) stage. But it really does come into effect. For example, I do all my routine haircare at home, so the only time I splurge on hair care is when I go to a salon to get a weave or braids installed. And this rarely happens, because I like wearing my hair out. For the relaxed heads, a healthy hair journey also helps in saving money since you will not relax as often. Most ladies cut down from relaxing every month to relaxing 4 or less times a year. As long as you control your spending on products, a healthy hair journey helps in saving money.

Reason e: You get to meet other people interested in hair care like you

For me, this is the biggest reason of all. You get to meet and network with some really awesome people who love and understand hair. You can get a lot of advice, giveaways (who doesn't love freebies) and get to go to meetups where you talk hair all day. You find out what you can do better, where you might have gone off track, and also help out other people.

Some participants at the Zim Healthy Hair Experience

So what are you waiting for? Start your own healthy hair journey now, or if you are already on a healthy hair journey, spread the love and let other people know why a healthy hair journey can help them


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  1. Love reasons B and E! Many people still fall for that myth that our hair does not grow, but the fact of the matter is that our hair continuously grows. The key is retention and how we handle our hair.

    I love meeting new bloggers and learning about their journeys! So far, it has been so encouraging. Thanks for sharing these resons for starting a healthy hair journey. I look forward to your future posts!