Thursday, 8 January 2015

Hair Update - Weave Takedown

Yes, you read that right. I kept in my weave for less than 2 weeks, and its already out.

Why did I take it out so soon even after resolving I would keep it in for 4 weeks? Well, my mum had noticed that my hairline looked as if it had experienced some breakage. And my hairline felt painful and it seemed like I had little bumps coming in there. Add in the fact that I had a major case of the itches, and I was having a mini breakout in areas the weave got in contact with, I decided that the benefits of protective styling were not worth it. So I took down the weave yesterday evening after work.

After I was done taking it down, I noticed that the little bumps on my edges were the strat of scalp sores. And I had experienced a hairline setback. Sigh. No more weaves for me. Please hold me to this resolution for the sake of my hair and scalp.

After takedown, I just did a quick finger detangle and did some chunky cornrows (that are very loose) that I am wearing under my wig at the moment. I will do a proper detangle and wash this weekend.
The #WashDayExperience
So strategy to recover my edges is:

1. Daily scalp massage with coconut oil or Miconazole Nitrate (yes, I joined the MN bandwagon)
2. GHE everyday to keep hair moisturized and supple
3. Styling will be box braids worn under a wig. This style doesn't stress my edges, and is an excellent protective style.

Crazy 'fro after take down, no detangling

edges disappearing

Edges disappearing


  1. Sorry about your edges. That's one of the reasons I can't wear weaves or get my hair braided any more. My edges are just not strong enough to handle it. It looks like you have a good plan for recovery. I'm curious to know how MN works out for you.

  2. ^ Me too, I'm interested to see how the MN works out. Rosemary Oil is good for growth stimulation and tea rinses and garlic tablets are supposed to help with shedding if you're interested/so inclined, All the best with growing back your edges - you seem to have a solid plan so I think you'll grow them in in no time! :-D

  3. Sorry about your edges Yvette, your action plan is sure to get them back in place. Weaves seem to sow baldness on so many hairlines..sigh. I'll be looking out for your MN results too.

  4. Sorry this happened to you. Edges can be fragile as is without the added tension. Kudos to you for taking a proactive course of action and removing your weave instead of waiting it on out. Sounds like your plan of action will help them recover.