Monday, 5 January 2015

Healthy Hair Experience: Zim's First Healthy Hair Meet Up

HHey ladies. So as you know from an earlier post, the Healthy Hair Experience happened on the 6th of December 2014. The lovely CurlyEva was the organiser of the event. And the panel was to include CurlyEva, Kundayi (from Telling HairStory) and yours truly *insert blush*

The event was supposed to kick off at 12.30. I arrived at Travel Plaza a little after 12 in order to lend a hand if needed. I found CurlyEva, and met Jackie, one of Zim's very hair obsessed :). Set up was quickly done, and the event was due to begin.

However, most ladies were very late, so the hair meet ended up being more of a conversation. Kundayi from Telling Hairstory kicked off the meet with tips for transitioners. She also gave a basic intro on how to start a hair journey.

Fungi aka CurlyEva was up next with her talk on relaxed hair care. It was quite fun, since she also gave us a history of her own hair journey.

We ended up having an intermission after this, and had several ''quizzes'' and the lady who got the questions right walked away with a little something something as her giveaway prize.

The meet was very small and intimate, and was more like friends getting to hang out together, than anything too serious. I quite enjoyed this experience, and I am definitely looking forward to future hair meets.

Right, time for pics...

 Products available for sale courtesy of Jeenz
Giveaway hampers waiting to be won
Goodie bags!!!!!
Winner of the ORS hamper raffle and CurlyEva
Raffle winners altogether
Sarah, one of Zim's hair obsessed
Alice, another of the hair obsessed
My haul from the meet


  1. That looks great! I hope this continues in the future.

  2. I truly enjoyed myself dear thanks for being a great sport it was a lovely day # hair passion # hair obsessed
    @Don't Touch The Hair definitely we have more coming soon and even bigger

  3. Ahh man I so wish I was there! That was a brilliant start when is the next one?

    1. The proposed date was end of March. But we will see. Will definitely update you on the dates