Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Wash Day Saga - Girl vs. Hair

Hello, I hope you all had a pleasant weekend.

This wash day (or rather its aftermath) was crazy. I had a WWE moment with my hair yesterday morning as I had to fight it into a bun for church. The hair won almost every battle, but I won the war in the end.

Here's how my wash day went...
The #WashDayExperience
1. I first divided my hair into four sections and clipped them up. Then working one section at a time, I applied coconut oil to my hair and finger detangled. Then I applied my moisturising conditioner and braided up that section.  I did this for all the sections before covering with a shower cap for bed. I also did a scalp massage with MN focusing mainly of my edges (I wanna grow them back).

2. After a nice overnight DC, I took down the braids to wash my hair loose. I first rinsed a little of the conditioner out before cleansing my scalp with a sulfate shampoo (another no name product). I thoroughly massaged my scalp to make sure all the build up got lifted before rinsing again.

3. I wrapped my hair n a t-shirt and continued with my shower routine.

4. When my hair was no longer sopping wet, I sectioned off a quarter of it, applied leave in (Curls Unleashed Take Command Curl Creme), sealed with coconut oil and finger detangled before using African threading to stretch my hair as it airdried. I ended up with a total of 4 sections. I left my hair to airdry overnight.

5. On Sunday morning, I decided to style my hair for church. As most readers already know, I am really not that gifted when it comes to styling, I just stick to buns. So to bun my 14 months post relaxer hair, I first applied vaseline to seal in the slight dampness my hair still had. Then the battle commenced. I didn't want to detangle using a comb, so I tried to smooth down my hair with my fingers before bunning, that didn't work. I comb detangled hoping to smooth down the hair again, that didn't work either. I ended up grabbing a good dollop of Ecostyler gel and applying it to my hair then I smoothed down the hair using an old brush (I did not use the brush to detangle, I just ran it lightly on the top layer of hair). It finally behaved and lay down. I quickly bunned and tied a scarf on top to ensure a smooth effect in the end. Styling took 20 minutes. This really means I need to master a new hairstyle soon.

All in all, I was happy with this wash day. I winged it a bit, but I stuck to my basics: oiling, finger detangling, overnight DC and a thorough scalp cleansing before drying the hair in a stretched state.

I also started doing the inversion method on Wednesday. One of my goals this year is to try to get 12'' in 12 months and retain all my length. So the inversion method is my chosen poison when it comes to boosting hair growth. Like I said in an earlier post, this year is all about being consistent with my basics, and I am trying to be consistent with my inversions.

So how did your washday experience go?

(Sorry I meant to upload a pic from this wash day but it seems like I accidentally deleted it. Pics will be posted next week, pinky swear)


  1. Oy! sounds like a real battle indeed. glad your hair 'tapped out' at the end and you won the war! all the best with your transition

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