Friday, 24 April 2015

Hair Survey - Why Ladies Wear Weaves/Braids Non-Stop

Today on my Twitter timeline I saw this tweet, and had asked about it:

When I saw the first tweet, I thought that maybe someone had said evil things about natural hair and was getting ready to wage nuclear warfare. Then I saw its about weaves and braids. What Hugh Masekela said about weaves and braids wearing students can be found here.

Now I proceeded to ask why people wear weaves and braids non-stop. Like no breaks at all. You take out your weave today and get a new one installed that same day or the next day. 

Quick confession: Before I started my healthy hair journey I used to do this. Why? I believed that I looked better in long weaves than with my own shorter hair, and I was embarrassed about having my own raggedy looking hair out. 

Answers I got on a Whatsapp group I'm in were:

''Well hair, I could just leave it like that if it weren't house rule that I keep it plaited. After each undo though I keep it crazy for 2 days then do something after. I prefer going bald, but not allowed''


''Because my hair is natural. Its kinky. Shrinks and tangles of its own accord if not tamed. If combed daily it hurts in addition to breaking. Ndosara nema (translation: I will be left with) tufts of uneven painful hair''.

Answers I got on Twitter:

''I think it's a matter of choice, not a matter of not being proud. for some, natural hair is just a hassle'' (by natural hair this contributor meant hair that grows out of your scalp, regardless of whether it is chemically processed or not)


''i guess most people don't know what to do with their own hair. I was like that as well before my . back to back in weaves''

Answers I got on Facebook:

''Because we don't know how/want to deal with our own hair''


"I'm just nervous about showing my hair. I see pics of nice dos and tell myself this time I'll show it but eh laziness isn't a joke''

So if you are a former doer of this, or you currently do this, why do/did you wear weaves/braids with no breaks?


  1. I've never done this but I know a lot of women who do, it will be interesting to find out why.

  2. I wear back to back protective styles. I try to rotate them. I may go from wig, to clip ins, buns, and to braids (but I take care of my hair). I rotate the protective styles to prevent breakage, and I always have access to my hair underneath. Before...I used to do it to save time and because it looks good, but unfortunately it has developed into this "monster of a thing" where I don't want to wear my hair out. All I know is protective styling, and to go without it sometimes I feel weird. I need to step away from the protective styling and enjoy what grows from my scalp. I usually try to wear my real hair in summer months (because I can do puffs and bantu knots), but never for a long period of time. Smh. I'd like to invest in some flexi rods or curlformers. We are all a work in progress...don't judge

  3. Hi Yvette! totally loved how you gathered opinions from so many platforms. I think braids and weaves are wonderful and i indulge often. I guess it becomes a problem if you never let your own hair out...