Monday, 20 April 2015

Mini Length Check - 7 weeks post

Thanks to the rain this weekend, I did not feel tempted at all to wash my hair even though it has a lot of build up. I'm just going to bun it until next weekend when I will do my clarifying shampoo. Instead this week I am bringing you a length check picture.

I wanted to see if I had been fantasising about my hair feeling longer lately, so I dug out my length check tee, undid my braids, and got a cousin to do the camera honours. I am not straightening my hair any time soon, as I really want to retain every inch I gain.

Drumroll please............................................................................................

Thank you, thank you, its such an honour and priviledge. 

I have managed to gain AND retain 2 inches of growth in less than 2 months. How did I manage this? Well mainly by doing the inversion method and GHE at the same time. I also started taking multivitamins , and massaged my scalp with miconazole nitrate when I did my inversions. 

What's really making me happy is that I ammanaging to retain length while texlaxed now. My reason for ending my transition and going back to texlaxing was because I simply wasn't retaining any length in my fully natural spots. So my gamble paid off.

I am also on track for my goal of APL by June 2015. APL is on line 4, and I am an inch away. I am so excited with the way my journey is going now. Can't wait to get to my first milestone in my rebooted hair journey :)


  1. Congratulations! that's awesome retention. I am definitely taking tips from you - how often do you GHE?

    1. I GHE for the week that I do inversions. I sometimes GHE when my hair feels dry but that's all. It feels great to see results :)

  2. Whoa. All that in just two months? Congrats!