Thursday, 16 April 2015

Off Topic - Random Musings

I haven't been able to say this out for a while, but I have been depressed lately. My life has been stuck in a rut that I seem to get out off.

My most major disappointment is the university one. That's the thing that got me down the most. As anyone who has known me since I was a toddler can tell you, I pride myself on my academic achievement. There's a time I actually cried in primary school when I was 3rd in my class, instead of my usual first or second. Yes, I am that intense. I became slightly more mellow in university when I let myself graduate with a magna instead of a summa cum laude, but not too much.

So, I recently was trying my hand at going to do my Masters in Sweden. I had picked my Masters programs, I got placed on the reserved list for my first choice degree (I had a slight moment of shock) but was accepted into my second choice program.

Then came waiting for the scholarship results. I needed the scholarship to fund at least my tuition, I could manage to swing the upkeep money somehow. But unfortunately I failed to make the cut for the scholarship. Not even to the group of 16 stage (yes, I'm treating it like its the World Cup).

So I am back in my little rut trying to climb out before I sink in too deep. I need to find other ways to improve myself academically/professionally before I sink into complacency.

OK, I am done with self-pity. Into the breach once more dear friends...


  1. Things will work out Yvette, you have the determination.

  2. First of all---congrats on making it this far! There are tons of people that will kill to be CHOSEN for any MASTERS program in Sweden! Kudos!

    Second---it's okay to be disappointed. Feel what you feel. Be sad. Maybe even get a little angry. You're human!

    So this venture didn't quote pan out like you thought that it would. That doesn't mean that it won't happen---it only means that it's not gonna happen exactly the way that you thought that it would. I can tell that you're not a quitter and that you will find another way. Apply for another scholarship or grant, try work study (that's what we call it in the US), talk to others who have gone down this path before. They'll guide you. They want to see you succeed. Always remain focused and faithful.

    You soooo got this!

    (Whew...I totally didn't mean to write an essay! I've just been in your place before---struggling to make it on your own---and I wanted to share some encouragement!)

    KLP @ SavingOurStrands

  3. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Actually KLP, I have just applied to do a distance bridging course. Once I complete that, I can then strat classes to become a CPA. Not my original dream, but its a starting point for what I eventually want. I guess I will die a stdent with the amount of diplomas and what not I want to do :)

  4. Don't let it sink you in any deeper. There will be disappointments in life but they're there yo be overcome. This is what you want and you're already finding a way. I'm impressed with how driven you are. Keep at it, hard work pays