Thursday, 21 May 2015

Major Shed Ahead!!!

Lately (this week) I have been experiencing a major shed. Normally I shed about 20 hairs a day and its all cool. But this week I think I have shed about 100 hairs a day and its not loking pretty. I actually have a huge hairball in my room that I will upload next week Monday, just to show you how much I have shed.

At first, I thought it was just hair from weeks of not much thorough detangling. But something I saw on The Long Hair Community pointed to a different reason. Apparently food allergies (such as lactose or gluten) can cause shedding. I fond out earlier this year that I am gluten intolerant or actually allergic (not sure which yet). Unfortunately this week, I had to eat food with gluten or starve to death.  Which explains my fresh breakout, hyperacidity and shedding. So today, I decided to quietly starve instead of poisoning myself with something my body can't take. I just have to be really careful with what I eat and really read ingredient labels.

So, if you are having unexplained shedding, a food allergy might be the cause. I will be back in 2 weeks with feedback on whether cutting out gluten worked to stop my shedding.


Monday, 18 May 2015

Sulfur Oil Mix

In my wash day post, I mentioned that I recently started a new growth aide. Namely, a mix of sulfur and oils. Sulfur is widely proclaimed a very effective growth aide on these internet streets.

Sulfur is a mineral that is used in the body to synthesize of proteins and enzymes, convert vitamins, and is also necessary for joint health, metabolizing amino acids, hair, nail, and skin health.

I got my sulfur through a friend who was doing his thesis work at a lab in Harare. After googling sulfr recipes online, I made my own which has:

- 1 tsp sulfur powder
- 100ml castor oil
- 50ml baobab oil
- 50ml extra virgin olive oil
- a few drops of eucalyptus oil to kill the sulfur smell

I mixed all this in an old bottle of Wild Growth Hair Oil (mainly for the applicator nozzle), and did a my first sulfur scalp massage on Wednesday evening. My scalp went really itchy at first, but the itch calmed down after I had panicked for 5 minutes. I did the GHE as well that night.

I am going to be using this oil throughout winter, especially when I do the inversion challenge. My growth goes into super sloooooo-mooooooo as soon as it gets colder, so anything that speeds up my growth rate will be welcome.

Is anyone else interested in doing a sulfur oil mix? I might just do a giveaway of some of the sulfur powder I have. The amount I have will probably last me for years, so I think spreading the love will be great :)

Wash Day Saga - Back to Braids

So wash day came and went. Remember my resolution to start wigging for winter? Total fail (for now) since I am back in my cornrows....

Whoa, ok, let me rewind and take you through my wash day.
The #WashDayExperience
1. Let me start by saying, I have started a new growth aid, namely a home made sulfur oil mix. I started using it on Wednesday (13 May) when a friend got me some sulfur at the lab he was doing his thesis at. So I have so far done 2 scalp masages using the sulfr mix.

2. I did an overnight DC using ORS Replenishing conditioner. I simply slathered it onto my box braids and let everything sit overnight.

3. I rinsed out the conditioner the next morning, and shampooed twice with ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo. I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb the excess water

4. I airdried the braids until they were damp and started taking them down to detangle. And then I realised my hair had a lot of build up. I decided to do another wash the next day, but had to skip it since it seems like I'm getting another case of tonsillitis. But back to the detangling, this was my first proper comb detangle in a long while. So I ended up losing a lot of hair, but my roots are no longer feeling matted.

5. I ended up just doing my usual 2 cornrows so that I can look presentable for work. I will start my May round of inversions on Thursday, using a mix of miconazole nitrate and the sulfur mix. As you can probably see, I am really serious about getting to BSL for my cousin's wedding in December.

Well, that was my entire wash day. How did yours go?

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Wash Day Saga - Hiding My Hair

I have decided to start my winter regimen, since its now May and getting clder, and colder in the mornings. Off topic, but I sometimes wish I could go hibernate.

This wash day was simple, and fast. Like I said, its getting cold, and I really don't like having wet hair when its cold. Here's how my wash day went down...
The #WashDayExperience
1. I did 15 individual braids the night before. I had planned to do an overnight DC until I realised that my hair had so much buildup and oil.

2. I shampooed my hair using ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo. I focused mainly on my scalp, but I thoroughly cleansed my ends too.

3. I felt extra lazy and skipped the DC step. I just wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb the extra water, and applied ORS Curls Unleashed Take Command Curl Creme. I figured that since it has plenty of oils and butters, that will be enough nourishment for the week. (hiding face in shame). I also sealed with a bit of baobab oil

4. When my hair was just damp, I strted taking down the braids, detangling, and redoing them, so I can start my wig reggie for winter.

Et voila, that was all. I'm currently wigging it, and will take down the braids weekly to detangle and redo them. My reason for this is to prevent matting and tangling very early. Manipulating my hair once a week, shouldn't do any harm.

So, who wants to do a winter challenge with me starting 1 June?

Friday, 8 May 2015

Wash Day Saga - Never Again!!!!!

As I type this, I'm sitting in a Hunchback of Notre Dame pose because I allowed someone to lay hands on my head. And my resolution is NEVER AGAIN!!!!! (sorry for yelling).

This wash day was all about getting my hair clean and as stretched as possible to show off length. Since it was HIFA week in Harare, and I had a birthday party to attend, I wanted to show off just a teeny bit. Here's how my wash day went down....
The #WashDayExperience
1. Overnight DC on Thursday using ORS Replenishing conditioner (have I mentioned lately that this is a Holy Graill product for me now? I loves it to bitsessss)

2. The next morning I rinsed out and shampooed my hair using a neutralizing shampoo from an old relaxer kit (destashing slowly but surely)

3. After shampooing, I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb the excess water

4. Then this week, I decided to stretch my hair (definitely no heat went close to my hair). I applied castor oil to my damp hair and then I simply did African threading in 5 sections and left my hair to airdry overnight.

5. I took down my threads, lightly fingercombed before doing a low ponytail. Then I went out to show off.

6. So last night I decided to protective style as usual by doing two braids for the week. My cousin ''kindly'' volunteered to cornrow my hair and promised she wouldn't use too much tension. Well, one thing I know for certain is I'm taking out these braids tonight and redoing my cornrows my self. This pain is waaaay too much for me now.

So how was your wash day? I hope you had no styling fiascos like mine :)

Friday, 1 May 2015

Back to Basics - Stretching Your Relaxer

Hi. I haven't been able to post the Back to Basics series as frequently as I hoped, but here is the latest installation for you.

In honor of my recent(ish) relaxer, I have been doing posts about how to maintain healthy, relaxed hair. Yes, despite the damage that chemical treatments can cause, relaxed hair can also be maintained in a healthy state. One of the main contributions to having healthy, relaxed hair is stretching your relaxer.

Stretching a relaxer is just extending the time between your relaxer touch ups. Instead of having relaxers every four to six weeks, you can get your touch ups (or retouches) done after a minimum of 8 weeks. I have heard of epic stretchers who do their touch ups once a year ( I hope I will join these epic stretchers soon).

I actually wrote some stuff on this last year, so my suggestion would be to read the post here.

I am off to read the post myself. I need to remember what to do when doing an epic stretch.