Friday, 1 May 2015

Back to Basics - Stretching Your Relaxer

Hi. I haven't been able to post the Back to Basics series as frequently as I hoped, but here is the latest installation for you.

In honor of my recent(ish) relaxer, I have been doing posts about how to maintain healthy, relaxed hair. Yes, despite the damage that chemical treatments can cause, relaxed hair can also be maintained in a healthy state. One of the main contributions to having healthy, relaxed hair is stretching your relaxer.

Stretching a relaxer is just extending the time between your relaxer touch ups. Instead of having relaxers every four to six weeks, you can get your touch ups (or retouches) done after a minimum of 8 weeks. I have heard of epic stretchers who do their touch ups once a year ( I hope I will join these epic stretchers soon).

I actually wrote some stuff on this last year, so my suggestion would be to read the post here.

I am off to read the post myself. I need to remember what to do when doing an epic stretch.



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