Saturday, 6 June 2015

It's My Hair!!! Tag

So I found this tag over at fancy Flair Lady, and I decided to do it just for the heck of it. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed doing it :)

1. Why did you start your hair journey?
     I started on my hair journey because I had seen results from healthy hair practices. In my junior year in university, I had bleached my hair and reserached ways to keep it healthy. That's when I discovered the whole hair journey idea. I actually started my hair journey in 2012, when I cut off all my processed hair after severe breakage

2. How long have you been on your hair journey?
It's been 3 years now (May 2012)

3. Are you natural, relaxed or transitioning?
I am texlaxed

4. What is your length right now?
In between shoulder and arm pit length

5. What is your goal length?
I'm going for terminal :)

6. What is your hair texture?
I am a mix of type 3c and all the type 4s

7. Health or Length?
Right now my health is decent so I go for length. But if my hair health is bad, health first

8. If you could only live with one hair product what would it be?
Conditioner. Lots and lots of conditioner

9. What's the worst product you've ever used?
The Beautiful textures DC. It did absolutely nothing for my hair

10. What is your "go to" hair style?
Buns. And wigs

11. Are you a product junkie?
Yes I am.

12. How often do you trim your hair?
On a need to basis. If my hair has splits I trim. If it doesn't, I leave it alone

13. How often do you use heat?
Once in a very blue moon. My hair doesn't like heat much

14. Do you take hair supplements?
I take a daily multivitamin

15. Favorite oil?
Castor oil.

16. Who is your hair crush?
Soooo many. PrettyWitty, Jen (Just Grow Already), Curly Eva to mention a few

17. How long does it take you on a wash day?
I normally DC overnight, so my actual wash day will last for 30 minutes if I am bunning. If I am wigging it, it will take 2 hours

18. Worst thing that has happened to your hair?
Heat. I had really bad split ends from heat use end of last year, and I ended up cutting a lot of my hair. I went from BSB to barely APL. Then I lost more length again because of over stretching my natural hair

19. Do you dye your hair? If so, what color?
Nope. i will stick to the relaxer cream only

20. Who do you tag?
Everyone who feels like doing the tag :)

Put your link in my comments so I can read your tag too

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  1. heheh I see we have a mutual love for castor oil and wigs. Three years into a hhj is no joke! Congrats :-)