Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Wash Day Saga - Wigs, wigs, wigs

Last week I was just too darn lazy to post about my same old wash day.  But this weekend, my mama came back from Tanzania with my HG deep conditioners, and I felt excited about washing my hair again.
The #WashDayExperience
Here's what happened....

1. Overnight DC using Dabur Vatika Naturals Deep Conditioning for Dry, Dull and Lifeless hair. This conditioner is just amazing. It has slip and is cheap (my mom bought 500ml for $5)
Meet my boo

2. I rinsed out the conditioner the following morning, and followed up with a shampoo using ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo.

3. After rinsing out the  shampoo, I wrapped my hair in a t-shirt to absorb the excess moisture.

4. I sealed my hair with castor oil, and did a damp bun, as I had to go run errands.

5. That night I finally sat down and detangled. I decided to do box braids again, and wig for the rest of the month. So, I'm giving my hair and myself a break. This will hopefully stop me from doing length checks everyday.

I am still continuing with my sulfur oil massages and GHE. I will also have to get serious about inversion this month.

So, how was your wash day?


  1. I enjoy reading your blogs. I am texturized and only know of a few relaxed bloggers. How do you manage your freshly washed hair without using conditioner? I noticed that you dont DC after washing

  2. Hi Yvette! Hope you liked the conditioner. How did your hair feel after the shampoo? I mean I know people use it to clarify so did it leave your hair still conditioned or did it negate the effect of the conditioner?