Sunday, 19 July 2015

Quickie Update

So I just got an opportunity to give y'all an update on what's going on with my hair

First of all, I made APL. The growth aid I have been using (a sulfur oil mix) has been seriously working. Since spring is right round the corner, I think I can boost my growth and retention to get close to BSL by the end of the year.

Which brings me to a sad update, I have started experiencing short strand breakage again. I am due for a trim but I want to get a good pair of scissors to use. I will probably trim in August when I do my touch up at 6 months post. I won't lose much length, I think a half inch trim is more than enough to give me fresh, healthy ends.

I bought rollers and did my first roller set in June. It actually turned out great. I managed to really straighten my hair and that's when I did my length check. I think I'm getting the hang of the styling bit now.

I wigged my way through most of winter. I actually gave up on wigs when I noticed the synthetic hair was irritating my skin and making my acne worse. So I am back in buns or goddess braids as my protective styles.

My bun is getting bigger. I stopped using a sock to make a bun, and now just use my hair. My bun is now a respectable size. Hopefully soon, my bun will be the size of my head.

I think I really under processed when I did my virgin texlax. My ends are still pretty curly, especially when they get properly moisturized. I think when I do my touch up I will also need to do a slight corrective relaxer.

Finally my chewed up hairline seems to be recovering sloooowly. I have been doing massages with my growth aid but the hair is not coming in as fast as it used to. I really hope that the weave didn't kill my follicles. Anyway, starting August, I am back on inversions, GHE and sulfur oil for maximum hair and hairline growth.

That's what's been happening with my hair. I will upload length checks soon.




  1. Congrats! Your consistency is paying off. I'll be looking forward to seeing those pics

  2. Thanks. Hopefully posting soon