Monday, 28 September 2015

Moisturizer - homemade concoction


I was too busy to wash my hair this weekend, so I decided to do a thorough m&s session to get my hair set for this week on Sunday night. In my pink spray bottle I added:

- half the bottle was filled with tap water
- a quarter of the bottle filled with glycerine
- the last quarter was ORS Replenishing Conditioner

I sectioned my hair into 6 sections, really spritzed each section until it was dripping, and detangled my hair. After detangling, I sealed with coconut oil, and twisted up the section before moving to the next. This morning, my hair felt really moisturised, and the shrinkage told me I did a very good job. I also had pretty waves from the resulting twist out, although I had to bun for work.

This evening when I took down my bun, my hair still felt great. This mix might be a great option for my new home. I will keep experimenting with other ingredients, but so far this one is a keeper 

What homemade concoctions have you tried lately? Give us details on ingredients, and results


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Hair Regimen for Hot, dry climate

Hello everyone, hope you're having a great week so far.

So, I just got my work deployment details. I will be moving to a part of Zimbabwe that is really hot and dry. Therefore, I will need to change my regimen to make sure my hair won't suffer from the weather. Here's what I'm thinking...

1. Moisturize and seal more often. From twice a week up to about twice a day.
2. GHE thrice a week
3. Deep condition twice a week
4. Frequent protein treatments
5. Coconut oil prepoos to protect against hygral fatigue

As you can see, my regimen will be heavily moisture based. Which is why I will up my protein treatments (to prevent moisture overload) and use coconut oil to fight hygral fatigue. I think I will mostly braid some cornrows or bun for my protective styles, because it will be too hot to try add in any extensions. I also need to focus on thickening up my nape, the hair there feels a bit too thin for my liking especially when compared to the thickness of my crown and front.

I am pretty stoked about moving to this new place, although my posts may become infrequent again.

Anyway, anymore suggestions on what I should do to take care of my hair in this new climate?

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Wash Day Saga - Summer Regimen + Length Check

Morning everyone! Hope you're having a great Sunday.

I had to do a washday post, I had missed doing these. And for once, I have pictures #highfive. Here's how my wash day went...

1. I prepooed my hair overnight using coconut oil
2. I shampooed my hair using ORS Creamy Ale shampoo, focusing on my scalp and then washed off the dust and what not from this past week.
3. I deep conditioned using ORS Replenishing conditioner. I left the conditioner on for 3 hours

4. I rinsed out 50% of the conditioner using cold water.
5. I blotted off the excess water using a t-shirt and applied African Pride Shea Miracle leave in conditioner and coconut oil
6. I set my hair using my orange and a few green rollers. These are the largest rollers I could find and I am outgrowing them. I need bigger ones now. And I need to practice setting

7. I took down the rollers just before I went to bed and did a length check

8. I am braiding my hair to protective style this week.

So, basically, most of the above will be my summer regimen. On the days I am too lazy to roller set, I will do African Threading to stretch my hair out.

So, how was your washday?

Friday, 18 September 2015

Relaxer Update and Other Stories

I am really sorry for having disappeared on y'all. I started a new job in August, and I was in an intense 5 week training course that is examinable (and keeping my job depends on passing all my exams). Anyway, exams are almost over, which means I can finally blog and catch you up on how my hair is doing.

I am going to be honest here, I neglected my hair for most of August. The most I did (besides the relaxer at the end of the month) was wash after 2 weeks and bun. Needless to say, I had a lot of breakage. It's only just quitting now after getting back on my regimen this month. So I'm still APL even though I should have been BSB by now. Bummer, but sometimes life happens. 

I did my relaxer on the 26th of August. I got home after work, and just pulled out my relaxer kit, and got down to business. I got the ORS relaxer again. This time, I didn't add any oil to the relaxer creme. I realized that the relaxer is so gentle that I didn't need to add anything in order to texlax. And since my hair was really under processed in February, I decided to also do a corrective relaxer of sorts. I first based my scalp with Vaseline and divided my hair into 4 sections. I applied the relaxer creme starting at the front, moving towards the back. After smoothing the creme onto my roots, I also applied it to the rest of the hair strand to further process the hair. I had my timer on, and I rinsed out the relaxer before the 15 minute mark. I did my mid protein step using a gelatin treatment. I neutralized using the Creamy Aloe shampoo. I then did a DC which was a mix of the Replenishing pak and one of my Darbur Vatika DCs. After rinsing, I blow dried my hair before doing African threading to stretch it.

That weekend, I then did my first (and last) flat iron of the year. I worked with smaller sections this time, and did only 2 passes. My hair wasn't as straight as I wanted it to be (as I still had shrinkage) but my hair still looks full. I also did a mini length check, and I will post it once I transfer it to my iPad. 

I am now back on sulfur oil massages and GHE till the end of the year. I am also trying to think of long term protective styles that I can do when I get deployed at work. I think I may have to buy a new wig, and keep my hair in braids under it. 

That's it from me. I will try to post regularly from now on