Monday, 28 September 2015

Moisturizer - homemade concoction


I was too busy to wash my hair this weekend, so I decided to do a thorough m&s session to get my hair set for this week on Sunday night. In my pink spray bottle I added:

- half the bottle was filled with tap water
- a quarter of the bottle filled with glycerine
- the last quarter was ORS Replenishing Conditioner

I sectioned my hair into 6 sections, really spritzed each section until it was dripping, and detangled my hair. After detangling, I sealed with coconut oil, and twisted up the section before moving to the next. This morning, my hair felt really moisturised, and the shrinkage told me I did a very good job. I also had pretty waves from the resulting twist out, although I had to bun for work.

This evening when I took down my bun, my hair still felt great. This mix might be a great option for my new home. I will keep experimenting with other ingredients, but so far this one is a keeper 

What homemade concoctions have you tried lately? Give us details on ingredients, and results


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  1. Hie Yvette, i have recently started on my healthy hair journey and i tots love your blog. i am currently in protective styling of braids (twists) and i moisturise with a DIY spritz i make from rose water, glycerin and ultimate organic therapy leave in conditioner. I`m loving it so far.
    I thought the ORS replenishing conditioner was a rinse out conditioner *confused face*