Monday, 12 September 2016

Finally Back - Big Hair Update

Its been ages since I last blogged. My bad!!!

I haven't been feeling well for the past few months, and work had gotten to me. But nothing can keep a good girl down for too long.

Anyway, first up... I have changed my hair (again). I know most of my readers are thinking this woman has hair ADHD, but I have been seriously thinking about this for a while. I just got my hair loc'ed. On Saturday 10 September 2016, I took the big step and finally got my hair loc'ed.

*Brief flashback/back story*
Over the past few months when I wasn't feeling too good, haircare had fallen by the wayside. I was barely washing and DC'ing my hair, and my hair paid for it. I had breakage, and I wasn't retaining much. This is what led me to seriously consider getting dreadlocks

*end of flashback*
So I consulted my mum's stylist. She has been doing my mum's locs since 2014. She said she could start locs in my hair, only I would have to have some of the ends cut off. I agreed to it, and made an appointment for Saturday.

On Saturday, I walked into the salon at midday, and was immediately taken off for a shampoo session. I had prepooed my hair with coconut oil (old hair habits die hard), and bunned before going to the salon. The shampoo lady immediately said my hair was extra oily (which was the point). She used a sulfate shampoo to wash my hair thrice. But her washing technique caused a huge knot in my extra thick front area. When the stylist was detangling, she couldn't detangle that area, so I went in with my fingers and unravelled the knot.

The stylist trimmed off about 4'' of hair. I wept a little seeing all those months of patience and hard work get snipped off in seconds but I knew it had to happen. She loc'ed my hair using the comb coil method as well as a product mix (that I forgot to ask about). All I know for certain is it wasn't beeswax. After loc'ing, I was put under a dryer to set the product into my hair. All in all, it look less than 2 hours for the entire process. I am to go back after 2 weeks for a wash and retwist.

So Hard Mashona Type is now a loc'ed head blog. I won't stop posting about haircare techniques that I discover, though I can't try out most of them (although I won't be posting as often due to a reason I will soon share). However, I do hope to represent for the dozens of loc'ed ladies (including my own mama and big sis) who inspired me to take this road less travelled.

I hope you won't stop reading ecause I switched gears. Show some dreadlock love :)

Here are pics of my hair from the past few months

Box braids - using own hair

Weaved up 

Low bun

Box braids take 2

Bun take 2

Trying to goddess braid

high bun - day before getting loc'ed

starter locs as at 10/9/16

Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Hair Regrowth Regimen Wash Day

Remember my last post? I was talking about my new regimen. I have been putting it action for over a week now, but here's what a wash day looks like for me now...

Monday Morning

  1. Shampoo my scalp and ends using ORS Creamy Aloe shampoo. Rinse out shampoo using cold water
  2. Deep condition using the DArk and Lovely Cholesterol Treatment for 5-7 minutes. I know it has some HHJ no-nos like mineral oil, but I love the slip and its very easy to find here. Rinse out using cold water
  3. Wrap my hair in a t-shirt to absorb the excess moisture
  4. Massage scalp using T444Z and also use it to seal my ends
  5. Airdry hair in a damp bun or mini box braids

Friday Morning

  1. Co-wash my hair and scalp using whichever cheap instant conditioner that's on hand. Currently its Organics conditioner for normal hair. Rinse out using cold water
  2. Wrap hair in a t-shirt to absorb excess moisture
  3. Massage scalp using T444Z and also use it as a sealant
  4. Damp bun and go!

My hair and scalp seem to be seriously loving this regimen. I will do an update after a month or so to see if there are visible results in terms of length retention.

Right now my hair is in mini box braids which I did myself. No hair from other sources was used to create this style. I decided to do bx braids when I got tired of finger detangling. I also think that this style will be good for the gym too. And its easy for me to still keep up with my regimen this way.

How was your most recent wash day? Join the linkup

Friday, 25 March 2016

My Current Regimen

Hello. Have a blessed Good Friday and Easter weekend.

As you know, I have decided to switch up my regimen to work on regaining my thickness, and boosting my hair growth in general. My last post had the general stuff I'm doing, but these are the nitty gritty details.

1. I have upped my washes to twice a week. In my regimens from 2013, I noticed my hair really thrived with frequent washing. So, I do a shampoo and condition on Monday, then a co-wash on Friday.

2. After each wash, I massage my scalp using T444Z. The product directions say to use 2 or 3 times a week after washing your hair, so I am following that to a tee. Then, the product can also be used as a sealant, so I use it for that as well. I will review the product after using it for a month.

3. I will GHE or M&S on the days when I do not wash my hair

4. I will not use combs to detangle. I will only use my fingers

5. No usage of heat or relaxers until after 1 January 2017.

6. Buns, buns and more buns. If it ever get cold here, I will go back to wigs.

That's pretty much what I plan to do. Its a very simple regimen, but one I think I can manage despite work, school, and the demands of a social life.

What do you think about it?

Friday, 18 March 2016

Setback 1 of 2016

Hey everyone.

So I have a hair update for y'all and its not pretty.

Remember my Twists update? Well what I didn't mention was that when I tok down the box braids I had a lot, I mean a lot of shedding. I have enough hair on my head for 3 or 4 people, and I shed what seemed like 2 headfuls of hair.

Anway, I didn't pay much attention to it at the time because my densty didn't feel different. And I thought it was 3 weeks of shedding. But when I took down the twists on Sunday (I had a migraine, and thought taking the twists out would help), I realised that my usual thickness had disappeared. And my hair was approaching BSB and now it seemed to be just beyond SL. I didn't take pictures at the time, because I was honestly depressed.

But after a DC and co-wash session I evaluated my hair. The results of my evaluation were:

1.  My hair density has gone down. I miss my thickness. And I want it back
2. My length actually hasn't disappeared that much. I'm still hovering at APL but with less splits since it seems I shed out the split strands

After the evaluation, I came up with my plan of action. The heavy shedding has stopped now, I'm back to normal amounts of shedding. Which means the shedding must have been caused by my painkiller use after I got injured in February. I found an article that explained how some painkillers cause hair loss. So now thatI know its not anything caused by my health, I can now work on getting my hair back. My plan is to:

1. Stop long term protective styling for now. My hair needs plenty of babying, and I can do that better when my hair is out.

2. Use a growth aide. I bought T444Z and started using my sulfur oil mix again to stimulate hair growth

3. Daily multivitamin, to make sure I'm getting all the necessary nutrients

4. Exercise

5. Strictly finger detangling

6. Stretch my relaxer longer tan the planned 6 months. Right now, my next relaxer is planned for 1 year post, but I may extend the stretch

Hopefully, all this will get my hair growing again. What have you done to get your hair back after a major shed?

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Currently Reading: Handle With Care by Jodi Picoult

Whenever I go home on leave, I try by all means to pass through Treasure Trove and buy a book. This time I picked up a Jodi Picoult novel called Handle With Care. Anyone who reads Jodi Picoult novels knows that the lady writes about very controversial issues and gives them a human face.

In this book, the story is about a family with a daughter named Willow with a disease called osteogenesis imperfecta and how the illness impacted her family (mother, father and sister), The controversy comes in when it comes to medical malpractice. Willow's mother sues her Ob-Gyn (who also happens to be her best friend) for not diagnosing the condition early enough so that the pregnancy could be safely terminated.

The question asked in the book constantly is that should a foetus be aborted before birth because it will be severely disabled. The book shows how far a mother can go to get quality care for her child, as well as showing how sometimes one may lie to oneself about certain choices.

The book is told from different character perspectives, mainly Sean O'Keefe (father of the child), Charlotte O'Keefe (mother), Amelia (sister), Piper Reece (Charlottes Ob-Gyn and best friend) and Willow (the child with OI).

An interesting side plot is provided by Marin Gates, a character who narrates, and is the lawyer for Charlotte O'Keefe. She is adopted and links her experience of being given up for adoption to Willow's of when she finds out that her mother may have aborted her if she had known Willow had been ''hit by the special stick''.

This book evokes a lot of emotion, mainly tears, for me. I think Jodi Picoult created a great page turner in this novel.

PS Another plus for the reader is that the novel comes with dessert recipes supposedly created by Charlotte O'Keefe who used to be a pastry chef before having Willow. For the wannabe chefs (like me), this novel has an additional draw to it.

Happy Reading

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Protective Style 2 of 2016 - Twists

Guess who's back with a brand new rap...

Hello everyone, its so good to be back on the interwebs again. I know its been a while but blogging once a month has got to be better than not blogging at all, right?

Anyhoo, I'm still on my 2016 Protective Styling regimen. And so far its going pretty good. I took down those box braids on Sunday and today, I'm getting twists installe .

How did I prepare for the twists installation? Here's what I did...

I generously applied Tresemme Naturals conditioner on my hair and finger detangled in small sections. I left the conditioner in overnight as my prepoo\deep conditioner.

I rinsed out the conditioner in the morning using warm water. After this I shampooed my hair using the ORS Creamy Aloe Shampoo thoroughly massaging my scalp to lift the build up. I rinsed out the shampo .

I then applied some more Tresemme Naturals conditioner on my hair to bring the moisture back into my strands. After rinsing out the conditioner I wrapped my hair in a T-shirt to absorb the excess moisture for 30 minutes.

When my hair was damp, I applied the African Pride Shea Miracle Leave In conditioner and detangled again. In small sections, I started out with a wide tooth comb before using a denman brus . Since power was out after last night's thunderstorm, I did a ponytail so my hair could air dry in a semi  straight state.

The lady who was doing my hair arrived at our house and we got down to business. We used 5 packs of the new Outre Yaki Braid in color MD114. My hair was done in medium sized twists. The only problem was that, once my hair was done, I really wasn't happy with it. So I took down the braids that night, detangled and bunned for bed.

First twists install. Really not pretty

This morning (Saturday), I had to go to my cousin's memorial service. Once the service was over and the family was socializing, my mum suggested I get my hair done there. So I went to buy some braids known as Cinderela Cindi Yaki and got MBL/WL medium sized twists installed (kinda like Senegalese twists). I am happy with this install and I will keep them in for about 6 weeks. In between maintenance will be the same as what I did for the box braids.
Take 2... Big improvement

Saturday, 30 January 2016

January 2016 - Protective Style

So this year, I'm trying to really get au serieuse with my hair growth mission. By the end of 2016 I should be grazing mid back length. Impossiblè? Mais, non! But I will need a lot of dedication and hair protection.

Which is why I will be intensively protective styling this year. I have had some respectable retention last year but I honestly could have done better retention wise. Particularly when I consider the last quarter of the year when I had almost nil hair care going on. So this year I'm switching things up by leaving my loose hair philosophy behind. I'm using long term protective styles to hide my hair, and give it a chance to get to longer lengths with no daily manipulation

My first protective style is box braids. I had them done today at a friend's salon. I got hooked up with waistlength, pencil sized box braids. I used eleven (yes, that was not a typo) packets of the Bonita Yaki Braid in colors 1 and 33. It took 7 hours to install the braids. I am planning to keep them in for about four weeks (maximum 6 weeks) before taking them down and giving my hair a 1 week break before the next protective style installation. For maintenance, I will wipe down my scalp using baby wipes. I definitely can't get these braids wet or else I will be crippled by the weight. I will spray my hair either using my moisturizing mix or the Afrobotanics Natural Kiddies 3 in 1 spray daily. This will keep my hair moisturised and happy in the braids. 

So picture time....

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Finally, a post

i have been so bad about updating here lately. In my defense, work takes up 60% of my energy and other life issues take up the other 40%. But I promise to try to do better in 2016.

So what will be new on the blog this year? Well, I'm going to diversify my posts a bit more. My hair is currently on a bare minimum regimen (aka I'm too lazy to do anything new to it). And I just realized I didn't update y'all on my new relaxer cycle. I did a corrective relaxer on 1 January and took my hair from just about natural to slightly texlaxed. I still have curls and shrinkage but not as much as before. Relaxer touch ups will be once every 6 months, so my next one will be in June (and in time for my birthday).

Hair goals for this year are definitely getting beyond BSB and as close as possible to MBL. I have stalled at APL so to get my retention game back on point I will be taking a daily multivitamin, doing the GHE as well as frequent co washes.

 Other goals are to definitely get fit, I have gained some unhealthy fat around my middle, and I will need to lose that. I also need to work on being more assertive, especially with the current section I am assigned to at work. Most of the clients dealt with in that section are male, and they do not respect the female employees as much as they do the male employees. I also want to contribute more this year to my favorite organization KidzCan Zimbabwe.

Well, these are my plans for this year. I will be blogging about my successes and failures as we go on. To make myself accountable, I promise at least one post per week.

Cheers everyone,