Thursday, 28 January 2016

Finally, a post

i have been so bad about updating here lately. In my defense, work takes up 60% of my energy and other life issues take up the other 40%. But I promise to try to do better in 2016.

So what will be new on the blog this year? Well, I'm going to diversify my posts a bit more. My hair is currently on a bare minimum regimen (aka I'm too lazy to do anything new to it). And I just realized I didn't update y'all on my new relaxer cycle. I did a corrective relaxer on 1 January and took my hair from just about natural to slightly texlaxed. I still have curls and shrinkage but not as much as before. Relaxer touch ups will be once every 6 months, so my next one will be in June (and in time for my birthday).

Hair goals for this year are definitely getting beyond BSB and as close as possible to MBL. I have stalled at APL so to get my retention game back on point I will be taking a daily multivitamin, doing the GHE as well as frequent co washes.

 Other goals are to definitely get fit, I have gained some unhealthy fat around my middle, and I will need to lose that. I also need to work on being more assertive, especially with the current section I am assigned to at work. Most of the clients dealt with in that section are male, and they do not respect the female employees as much as they do the male employees. I also want to contribute more this year to my favorite organization KidzCan Zimbabwe.

Well, these are my plans for this year. I will be blogging about my successes and failures as we go on. To make myself accountable, I promise at least one post per week.

Cheers everyone,

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