Saturday, 30 January 2016

January 2016 - Protective Style

So this year, I'm trying to really get au serieuse with my hair growth mission. By the end of 2016 I should be grazing mid back length. Impossiblè? Mais, non! But I will need a lot of dedication and hair protection.

Which is why I will be intensively protective styling this year. I have had some respectable retention last year but I honestly could have done better retention wise. Particularly when I consider the last quarter of the year when I had almost nil hair care going on. So this year I'm switching things up by leaving my loose hair philosophy behind. I'm using long term protective styles to hide my hair, and give it a chance to get to longer lengths with no daily manipulation

My first protective style is box braids. I had them done today at a friend's salon. I got hooked up with waistlength, pencil sized box braids. I used eleven (yes, that was not a typo) packets of the Bonita Yaki Braid in colors 1 and 33. It took 7 hours to install the braids. I am planning to keep them in for about four weeks (maximum 6 weeks) before taking them down and giving my hair a 1 week break before the next protective style installation. For maintenance, I will wipe down my scalp using baby wipes. I definitely can't get these braids wet or else I will be crippled by the weight. I will spray my hair either using my moisturizing mix or the Afrobotanics Natural Kiddies 3 in 1 spray daily. This will keep my hair moisturised and happy in the braids. 

So picture time....

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  1. Happy hair growing with your protective styles.