Monday, 12 September 2016

Finally Back - Big Hair Update

Its been ages since I last blogged. My bad!!!

I haven't been feeling well for the past few months, and work had gotten to me. But nothing can keep a good girl down for too long.

Anyway, first up... I have changed my hair (again). I know most of my readers are thinking this woman has hair ADHD, but I have been seriously thinking about this for a while. I just got my hair loc'ed. On Saturday 10 September 2016, I took the big step and finally got my hair loc'ed.

*Brief flashback/back story*
Over the past few months when I wasn't feeling too good, haircare had fallen by the wayside. I was barely washing and DC'ing my hair, and my hair paid for it. I had breakage, and I wasn't retaining much. This is what led me to seriously consider getting dreadlocks

*end of flashback*
So I consulted my mum's stylist. She has been doing my mum's locs since 2014. She said she could start locs in my hair, only I would have to have some of the ends cut off. I agreed to it, and made an appointment for Saturday.

On Saturday, I walked into the salon at midday, and was immediately taken off for a shampoo session. I had prepooed my hair with coconut oil (old hair habits die hard), and bunned before going to the salon. The shampoo lady immediately said my hair was extra oily (which was the point). She used a sulfate shampoo to wash my hair thrice. But her washing technique caused a huge knot in my extra thick front area. When the stylist was detangling, she couldn't detangle that area, so I went in with my fingers and unravelled the knot.

The stylist trimmed off about 4'' of hair. I wept a little seeing all those months of patience and hard work get snipped off in seconds but I knew it had to happen. She loc'ed my hair using the comb coil method as well as a product mix (that I forgot to ask about). All I know for certain is it wasn't beeswax. After loc'ing, I was put under a dryer to set the product into my hair. All in all, it look less than 2 hours for the entire process. I am to go back after 2 weeks for a wash and retwist.

So Hard Mashona Type is now a loc'ed head blog. I won't stop posting about haircare techniques that I discover, though I can't try out most of them (although I won't be posting as often due to a reason I will soon share). However, I do hope to represent for the dozens of loc'ed ladies (including my own mama and big sis) who inspired me to take this road less travelled.

I hope you won't stop reading ecause I switched gears. Show some dreadlock love :)

Here are pics of my hair from the past few months

Box braids - using own hair

Weaved up 

Low bun

Box braids take 2

Bun take 2

Trying to goddess braid

high bun - day before getting loc'ed

starter locs as at 10/9/16