Saturday, 13 May 2017

It's My Number! Stop bothering Me!

I had to give myself a few days to cool down before venting online. By the way, hello loyal reader :)

Since the advent of WhatsApp and social media, its now really easy for random people to approach you in your DM especially if you're female. This happened to me a few days ago when a guy from the same small town as me decided to drop into my inbox.

Since I really don't know this individual, I did not have his number saved in my contacts. Here's a basic transcript of the thread (but lots of things are left out):

Unknown person: Sup

Me: Hi. I don't think I Know you, please tell me your name (because I'm now a little grown up, I'm slightly less petty and savage these days)

Unknown Person: says name, and where his from when I prompt him

Me: Oh ok

Unknown Person: U oky (as most people who know me IRL I really hate such messaging)

Me: I'm good. You?

Unknown Person: Not gud

Me: ok (because I don't really care in all honesty)

Unknown Person: (translated to English) Where do you stay

Me: Where did you get my number? (because I'm not giving that information to someone I don't know)

Unknown Person: Facebook (which I know is a lie because I have strong privacy settings)

Me: Ok since you are lying please get away from my inbox

Unknown person: starts blowing up my phone because I'm not responding

Besides being married and being a mother, I honestly do not have time for games anymore. And I do have the right to decide who I want to be in contact with. Why do certain individuals do not take no for an answer and quietly go back to whichever hole they crawled out from? Just because we used to live in the same town doesn't mean I should take time out of my life and start an inane conversation with you just because you are lonely.

Dear readers, has this ever happened to you? What was your response?

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