Friday, 30 June 2017

Post Partum Shedding

If you follow my Instagram page (@HRH_Yvette) , you will know that the pride and joy of my life is my precious, (big) little boy. He is the light of my life... (insert all the corniness and clich├ęs a mother can use to describe her kid). When I was pregnant with him, even though I could barely keep anything down for 90% of those 33 weeks, my hair was at it's best at that time. The growth was astounding, it got even denser and lusher, it was just extra juicy thanks to pregnancy hormones.

Fast forward to 3 months after delivery, and I started losing handfuls of hair. At first I didn't panic because I just put it down to having had a protective style in for 2 months. I faced reality one morning when I was bunning my hair for work that my hairline had practically gone on a long term vacation. This was when I ad to accept I was experiencing post partum shedding.

I couldn't do anything to stop the shedding, all I could do was give my hair some TLC. I stopped getting long term protective styles, I did a crown/goddess braid 90% of the time that was gentle with my hairline. I also minimized having to handle my hair, especially when I was tired and/or frustrated. I turned to an amazing natural hair salon in Harare, Kinky Curly Salon (review will be coming soon) when I felt I had little to no energy reserved to deal with my mane. I also decided to hold off on the relaxer and transition to natural again.

My son is now 6 months old, and the post partum shed is over. I am going to continue to pamper my hair as it recovers from this major shed. I am also going back through my blog archives and see what used to work during my last transition. Long hair, I am coming for you... Again.

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