Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Salon Review : Kinky Curly Natural Hair Salon - Harare

The primary purpose of this blog is hair, and hair related activities, and lately I have been slacking on that front. But today, the hair drought is over and I have a salon review for you.

Many moons ago (May), I was too exhausted from motherhood and work to wash my own hair and what not. So I decided to take my tired body off to a salon for pampering. Since I haven't had a relaxer for a year plus, I decided that a salon that specializes in natural hair would be my safest bet since I had just started my post-partum shed. After some internet research and making calls, I had set up my first appointment at Kinky Curly Natural Hair Salon. I had booked in for what they call "The Lot".

From the get-go, this was an amazing experience. The lady who took my initial call, Vee, was polite and professional and answered all my queries. I ran a little late for my appointment (I arrived at 10.15am for a 10am) but I had called in advance to tell them I would be late, and they were fine with it. (Slight digression, if you are a client and are running late, be polite and inform your stylist. They really appreciate being treated as the professionals they are). When I got in, I was immediately whisked off to the washbasin. I was pretty embarrassed by the amount of dirt in my head, but the ladies were understanding. My hair and scalp were soon extra clean and my hair was covered in deep conditioning treatment and I was placed under the steamer. As my hair was being steamed, I was offered a drink, and I had tea. African that I am, I really appreciated this gesture of hospitality. Even more important to millennial me, I was given the salon's Wi-Fi password, and started getting active on social media.

After the DC was rinsed out, Vee (who was my stylist that day) started detangling my hair. I barely felt anything as she detangled, and it was an amazing experience. Once my hair was fully detangled, she asked me what kind of protective style I wanted, and I left it up to her. She did an intricate flat twisted updo that I loved and many people envied.

The prices there are pretty steep (I paid $75 for a shampoo, deep condition and protective style) but I happily paid because the service was excellent, the customer care was excellent and the products used were the stuff we (in Zimbabwe) normally read about on African-American natural hair blogs. The brand used on me on that day was Alikay Naturals.

My second visit had the same high levels of service delivery. This time though, my stylist was Paida, and she was as amazing as Vee. The only other difference was that I had biscotti with my tea, which appealed to the African in me. I will definitely continue to go there when finances (and the spouse) permit.