Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Patience & Consistency - The Key to Growing Hair long

The most common question asked by people trying to grow their hair longer is "How can I make my hair grow faster?"

Unfortunately, hair growth rates are predetermined by genes. Most ''miracle" growth aides are just a clever way used by marketers to get your hard earned cash. The only things that help one to get real length is patience and consistency.

I'm sorry if I bummed you out, but that's the honest truth. I have been on a healthy hair journey for the past 6 years, and it is only when I have been consistent with my regimen, I have managed to retain length and get longer hair.

For example, when I was younger, my hair never got longer than my shoulders because I was never consistent with my hair care. But when I started being consistent with my hair care in 2013, my hair grew from neck length to armpit length in one year. When I stopped focusing on hair care after having my son, I stayed at armpit length for that year, because I was constantly trimming off damage and my hair kept breaking off.

What you want to do in order to gain length is to retain every single millimeter that grows out of your scalp. That's why you hear all of us talking about deep conditioning, moisturizing and sealing, finger detangling, handling hair in sections. We do all this so that we do not lose length to breakage or split ends.

In conclusion, there is no magic potion that instantly grows your hair from your neck down to your booty overnight. Its all about patience and hard work, especially if you have kinky coily hair. Don't get conned ladies.

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