Friday, 2 March 2018

A Note to My Son

Dear Peanut,

It's been 15 months since your notorious prison break from the womb. You decided to exit the womb before your time was up. Since the 2nd of December 2016, we have only spent 1 day apart from each other. And that was only because the nurses decided I needed to recover from the C-Section and the general anaesthetic.

Since that day, it has been a wild ride. The first 2 weeks of your life were as dramatic as your entrance. You were hooked up to so many machines because you couldn't breathe on your own. The day your oxygen supply was shut off by your paediatrician was one of the most memorable of my life. A few days after that day, you were moved to the open cots, and I finally got to take you home when you were 2 weeks old.

We have had so much fun together, and so many tears. There was a day you refused to be dressed after your morning wipedown because you wanted your milk first. You were a month old by then, and that's when I knew the name Liam was appropriate since you were such a strong-willed little warrior. You won't remember this, but when you were almost 2 months old, you went to your grandmother's house for a short visit, before we went to stay with your dad at his place in Beitbridge. We had a lot of fun, as we got used to doing everything on our own without any help from your other grandmother.

You also used to have horrid nightmares after your 6 weeks vaccinaton. You would scream, and scream even when I held your little body. But you also had happy dreams. Some of my favourite memories of us include you sleeping in my arms, and I hear you laughing in your sleep. That was when I knew you were secure in your parents' love.

You will laugh to hear this, but I used to be worried when you got to 8 months without any teeth. Then you got serious about growing your teeth. Now you have 8 teeth, and you look like you are about to grow some more. You also worried you paediatrician when you got to 6 months and you were not yet babbling like other babies. She actually tested your hearing, worried that you were deaf. Sadly, the fact that you grew so quickly makes us forget that we should adjust your age, and treat you as you should be if you had been born on your actual due date.

I look forward to coming home every evening, because you run to greet me. You are upset when I sit on the couch, so I sit on the floor, and you use me as a jungle gym. We have so much fun each night that you do not want to go to bed. But little boys need their sleep, so they can become big boys.

You know this, but I will keep say it; I love you my first born.



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