Hair Lingo

OK, I realized I use a lot of acronyms and lingo when talking hair, so I decided to add this page for those unfamiliar with the jargon. I will update it with more terms as I go along

TWA - Teeny Weeny Afro
EL - Ear Length
NL - Neck Length
CBL - Collar bone length
SL - Shoulder length
APL - Armpit Length
BSB - Below shoulder blade
BSL - Bra strap length
MBL - Mid back length
WL - waist length
WHIP - waist/hip length
HL - hip length
TBL - tail bone length

Hair typing
Type 1 - straight, usually Caucasian or Asian
Type 2 - wavy hair
Type 3 - curly hair
Type 4 - kinky hair usually found in those of African descent

JBCO - Jamaican Black Castor Oil
EVCO - Extra Viirgin Coconut Oil
EVOO - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
ACV - Apple cider vinegar
HE HH - Herbal Essences Hello Hydration
HE LTR - Herbal Essences Long Term Relationship

General terms
Prepoo - applying oils or conditioner to hair before using a shampoo to prevent hair from becoming too dry

DC - deep conditioner

BC - big chop (drastic hair cut)

S&D - search and destroy (minor cut where only split ends and knots are cut off)

Dusting - mini trim where up to 1/4 inch is cut off

Texlax - when you relax your hair but leave texture in it (its not completely straight)

Stretching - the art of having relaxer touch ups done after at least 8 weeks

NG - new growth

M&S - moisturise and seal (method used to keep moisture in hair by using a water based product to moisturise and a natural oil to seal in moisture)

GHE - greenhouse effect (technique of oiling hair with a natural oil and covering with a plastic shower cap/bag for a certain time period, so body heat can be used to introduce more moisture into hair as well as help increase blood circulation to scalp and sebum production)

Baggying - similar to greenhouse effect. In this case, after moisturizing, you cover your ends with a plstic shower cap or bag for a certain time period. Used to boost moisture levels in the ends of hair

SSKs - single strand knots

Inversions - growth aid technique where one massages scalp with a warm oil, and have your head hang down so as to increase blood circulation to the scalp. Read more about it here

LOC - a M&S method which has the steps Liquid, Oil and Cream. You start by using a liquid moisturiser (e.g. water) and then apply an oil on top (e.g. coconut oil) and then a cream or butter (shea butter). It is a great way to keep moisture locked into hair for longer. Other variations include LCO and LOCO

Clarifying -  using a cleanser that removes all product build up on your hair and enabling you to start on a clean slate

Chelating - using a cleanser that can lift mineral deposits (e.g. from hard water or from no lye relaxers) to allow moisture to penetrate the hair strand better

LHCF - Long Hair Care Forum (a forum for women who practice healthy hair care)

KISS - Keep It Simple Sista (ditto)

Hairlista - another haircare forum

JGA - Just Grow Already Forum (ditto)

GAHL - Grow African Hair Long Forum (proudly African hair care forum)

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