My Hair Journey in Pictures

This is my hair journey in pictures, some are not too clear, and lots are missing

Earliest hair photo, age 3

At age 4, braids

Me at your right :), age 6 rocking a TWA

2nd Year in university (me at your left), hair always at this length

Damaged hair (Jan 2012), hair in back completely natural

 New start, August 2012 (4 months after BC)

Fake it till you make it, weave (August 2012)

Day of relaxer, my afro before (September 2012)

Relaxed hair, neck length (September 2012)

The hair style that led to a setback (November 2012)

 Hair grazing shoulder length (February 2013)

July 2013 Length check with DC in hair

Jan 2014 (after flat iron)
Feb 2014 (12 weeks post)


  1. wow-what fantastic progress!

  2. Although some photos are blurry, the hair progress you’ve made through the years is quite noticeable. I hope it will continue to be like that until you have achieved the wellness and length you’ve always wanted. Good luck with your journey, and I wish you all the best!

    Collene Puterbaugh @ Baja Hair Center

  3. Wow! Your progress is amazing.. I wish more zim ladies would post their stories.. I'll be following you.. please check out my blog ChocoKuppie im on wordpress